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Thank You for Taking the Survey

We Appreciate Your Feedback


Thank you for taking the 24th Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Customer satisfaction is a core value at Cisco. Using the valuable input we receive from our customers, we establish the principal objectives for each of our functional areas. In addition, hiring and resource allocation decisions are based on consolidated customer feedback scores. Cisco believes so strongly in customer satisfaction that a companywide bonus plan is tied to our results.

The information we gather measures our high-level relationships with customers and spotlights areas where we need to focus more attention. At times the survey leads to the development of focus groups and follow-up surveys, which help us dig more deeply into customer issues. Once we have identified customer issues, we address them individually or through company-wide changes. Such initiatives, when coupled with data from transactional measurements, provide a rich source of direction from our customers.

Again, thank you for investing time to provide us your feedback.

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