Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) Research Program

Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) Research Program

VAWN Research Project

Keep Up with Wireless Demand for Data

Video streaming over the Internet has become widespread, as more people are viewing programs on portable devices over wireless networks. New viewing habits unrestricted by time or place, such as social media applications, are emerging as well.  It is estimated that mobile network capacity will need to be increased 65 times to scale with the expected traffic.

Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) is a long-term research initiative jointly established by Cisco, Intel®, and Verizon Wireless. It focuses on the rapid growth of video on mobile devices and the long-term capacity problem of delivering video content to these devices in the future.

VAWN's efforts to address these challenges include:

  • Infusing video-smart technologies into wireless networks and phones to provide fast, stutter-free video  

Research Activities to Optimize Video Quality

Currently, many applications are designed to run on any existing wired and wireless data networks. However, this paradigm is not well-suited to meet this projected growth in video traffic volume. Instead, unique characteristics in real-time and streaming video can make existing network capacity more efficient.

To address these issues, VAWN is identifying methods and new architectures in an end-to-end approach that makes the entire network video-aware, from the core to the network transport to the user devices. The quality of the video experience can now be optimized through real-time adaptation to the network and wireless conditions.

Research Outcomes

The multi-year VAWN program involves five universities in the exploration of novel solutions. Follow the links below to read more on the approach taken by each university, and its findings so far.