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Conference Sponsorship


This RFP is to be used to submit conference sponsorship requests through Cybergrants.

Full Description:

Conference sponsorship requests may be submitted by the external conference champion, e.g. the conference corporate support chair, conference chair, etc. Internal Cisco conference champions should also use Cybergrants if they wish to promote the sponsorship of a specific conference.

As with all Cisco Research Center programs, there must be a designated Cisco sponsor or Cisco Research Center will not sponsor a conference.

Conference Sponsorship Proposals should include the following details:

  • Cisco sponsor name/email
  • Research Relevance to Cisco and the conference (trade shows are not sponsored by the Cisco Research Center)
  • Benefits to Cisco, e.g. visibility, registrations Sponsor benefits (if any) and cost - e.g. branding opportunities, complementary registrations, ...
  • Cisco participation at the conference (attendees, members of conference committees, session chairs, presenters, keynotes)
  • Conference details: dates, location, URL, sponsor organization history
  • Anticipated attendee profile - e.g. number of attendees classified by geography and occupation, e.g. student, academic, industry
  • Payment details: finance chair contact info, banking coordinates and/or payment address
  • Student recruitment collateral, e.g travel awards, support of student volunteers/participation
  • Specific programs sponsored opportunities (if any), e.g. student volunteers, academic travel, receptions, AV, ...
  • Current list of committed corporate sponsors

Proposal submission:

Please use the link below to submit a proposal for research responding to this RFP. After a preliminary review, we may ask you to revise and resubmit your proposal.

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RFPs may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

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