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Wireless and Mobile (open call)

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Wireless and Mobile (open call)


As the number of mobile devices rapidly surpassing fixed devices, we are faced with both challenges and exciting new opportunities. Taking a holistic view on the wireless and mobile ecosystem, we seek innovative research proposals that are enablers for future transformations.

Full Description:

Part of the innovation on Wireless and Mobile at Cisco, this RFP covers innovations in wireless networks and communications including, but not limited to:

  • NFC, PAN, LAN & Broadband Communications
  • Energy efficient, high speed PHY/MAC layer techniques
  • Techniques and Algorithms in the areas of mobility, QoS, optimization, routing, diagnostics, self-healing and self-configuring networks, etc.
  • Enterprise, public sector and consumer mobile applications (including mobile content - voice/video/data, collaboration & sharing, mobile social & educational networks, emergency & medical networks)
  • Transport centric wireless & mobile innovations (efficient vehicular traffic management, navigation, driving behavior & safety , electric vehicle to charging infrastructure inter-play etc.)
  • Mobile data storage, search, mining, analytics and delivery
  • Energy efficient computing, distributed mobile trusted computing & clouds, crowd sourcing and computing
  • Privacy and security (including identity & trust management, mobile object level security)
  • Wireless sensors/actuator modules and scalable sensor networks (medical, environmental, climate, etc.)
  • Hardware & Software innovations in mobile devices, platforms, user interfaces and mobile user experience (including power efficient 3D visualization & animation techniques, touch interfaces, gestures etc)

This RFP also covers additional topics on Wireless and Mobile that are not specifically related to other RFPs.

Constraints and other information:

IPR will stay with the University. Cisco expects customary scholarly dissemination of results, and hopes that promising results would be made available to the community without limiting licenses, royalties, or other encumbrances.

On-going research - open call (RFP-999-like specifically on Wireless and Mobile Applications).

Proposal submission:

Please use the link below to submit a proposal for research responding to this RFP. After a preliminary review, we may ask you to revise and resubmit your proposal.

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RFPs may be withdrawn as research proposals are funded, or interest in the specific topic is satisfied. Researchers should plan to submit their proposals as soon as possible. The deadline for Submissions is the Friday of the first week of each calendar quarter (the months of January, April, July, October). Funding decisions and communication will occur within 90 days from the quarterly submission deadline. The usage of funding is expected within 12 months of funding decision. Please plan your requests accordingly.

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