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Internet Economic Models and Policy Impact

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Internet Economic Models and Policy Impact


To help Cisco and the community understand the relationship between human behavior and Internet technology choices, we solicit research proposals that address economic aspects of the Internet and their policy implications.

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Formal economic methods can be used to explain technology deployment and usage behaviors on the Internet. Such models can be used to illuminate network externalities and perhaps policies and technical approaches to correct those that have a negative impact. Similarly, new technology can disrupt existing economic models in both positive and negative ways. Research in this area should address, through qualitative and quantitative analysis, economic models, technical advances, and macro- and micro-economic circumstances that impact the adoption of new technology and the retiring of functions that are no longer appropriate.

Current areas of interest include:

  • Economics of IPv6 and IPv4 Addressing
  • New Economics for Internet Service Providers (including net neutrality concerns)
  • Economics of Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Economics of Information Security

Submissions should include an executive summary in layman's terms.

Constraints and other information:

IPR will stay with the University. Cisco expects customary scholarly dissemination of results, and hopes that promising results would be made available to the community without limiting licenses, royalties, or other encumbrances.

Proposal submission:

Please use the link below to submit a proposal for research responding to this RFP. After a preliminary review, we may ask you to revise and resubmit your proposal.

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RFPs may be withdrawn as research proposals are funded, or interest in the specific topic is satisfied. Researchers should plan to submit their proposals as soon as possible. The deadline for Submissions is the Friday of the first week of each calendar quarter (the months of January, April, July, October). Funding decisions and communication will occur within 90 days from the quarterly submission deadline. The usage of funding is expected within 12 months of funding decision. Please plan your requests accordingly.

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