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Service Infrastructure (open call)

Cisco is not currently accepting proposals for this RFP.

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Service Infrastructure (open call)


This RFP area aims at stimulating efforts to experiment, research and develop network services, applications and solutions that use future Cisco services network infrastructure as well as defining requirements for such infrastructure.

Full Description:

As the Network evolves we face considerable interest in adding new functionality to deliver or enable new services and applications. In order to achieve that, Cisco would like to sponsor research on the areas of future network based applications and services as well as the infrastructure and mechanisms needed to support them.

The goal of this initiative is to understand how the network can provide a better framework in terms of functionality and integration in today's distributed applications environment as well as to direct new research and discussions into this new model.

Constraints and other information:

IPR will stay with the University. Cisco expects customary scholarly dissemination of results, and hopes that promising results would be made available to the community without limiting licenses, royalties, or other encumbrances.

On-going research - open call (RFP-999-like specifically on Service Infrastructure)

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Cisco is not currently accepting proposals for this RFP.

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