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PlastiComm Industries, Inc. Awarded Supplier of the Year, Class 2

Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Diversity Council “Growth Through Partnerships” Event, March 24–26, 2009, Denver, Colorado

Congratulations to PlastiComm Industries, Inc., a local supplier in Denver, that was nominated by Cisco and was awarded Supplier of the Year, Class 2 by the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Diversity Council (RMMSDC).

Ron Montoya, CEO of PlastiComm, and his team members were present to accept the award. PCI and Cisco began their relationship in late 1998, when PCI was enlisted by Graybar to provide assembly services for U S WEST's deployment of 6130s and eventually 6160s for DSL applications. PCI was contracted directly by Cisco for professional services to support DSL deployments throughout the U S WEST region. PCI's early years also included providing services to support 675 router refurbishments and then the Cerent 454 (ONS-15454) integration as that acquisition was incorporated into Cisco operations. Later, PCI began to integrate the 15454 into optical consolidation devices (OCDs) for SBC. PCI was enlisted by Cisco during that time to assist with understanding the scope of integration and assembly as part of its Solutions Factory Assembly and Test (SFAT) initiative. PCI helped train Cisco personnel onsite at the Silvercreek facility in California.

In 2000 PCI became the first minority firm to achieve the status of Cisco Professional Services Partner (PSP) and hold a services specialization for integration. Over time, PCI became a heavily relied-on partner within Cisco's CA organization and provided a number of support functions for professional services on product deployments across a wide range of customers.

In April 2008, PCI was selected to participate in Cisco's Executive Mentor Protégé Program (EMP2). Cisco's Global Supplier Diversity Business Development is taking this program one step further by introducing these diverse suppliers to our customers to consider for their company needs.

Cisco attended the RMMSDC event held in Denver this past month. Denise Coley, Director of Global Supplier Diversity Business Development, is a board member of the organization. Cisco has supported this organization for many years. Nancy-Jo Nunez, Operations Manager for Global Supplier Diversity Business Development, also attended the event.

The RMMSDC Conference is held annually. This year, the Council had a full day of educational tracks, networking opportunities, and a panel discussion whereby Denise presented on behalf of the council. About 350 people were in attendance at the Denver International Convention Center. Several opportunities currently listed with our Cisco Sourcing team were discussed with several of the local suppliers, all of whom have now registered in our CVM Portal tool.

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