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Diversity Distribution Program

Cisco's Diversity Distribution Program

At Cisco, connecting customers, suppliers and communities is critical to our success. Meeting our customer's supplier diversity requirements is directly related to having an inclusive group of diverse suppliers that reflect evolving demographics. Suppliers with different backgrounds with a variety of viewpoints and styles of interacting, combined with their experiences help us understand and meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Cisco has recently added a Diverse Specialty Distributor, Telcobuy.Com, LLC, to its list of authorized distributors within the United States. TelcoBuy is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Through Cisco's Diversity Distribution Program, Cisco's U.S. Gold partners can purchase Products and Services through TelcoBuy for resale purposes, in order to meet their internal and end-user diversity needs.

Enabling supplier diversity within U.S. Gold channel is a major step towards meeting both customer and partner diversity requirements while adding to the many benefits of Gold certification.