Annual Report 2005


A New Way - Innovation
Schoolchildren view a virtual science experiment from a computer room at a neighborhood center. Teachers review lesson plans with their colleagues at distant schools using an electronic whiteboard. A parent monitors reading lists and receives a student progress report at home. And a kindergartner tours the Grand Canyon or the Great Pyramid on a wireless laptop in the library. With a few keystrokes, Cisco networks expand educational resources and add excitement to the learning experience. Near the airport entrance, passengers can check flight information and print out boarding passes at convenient kiosks. In the waiting area, travelers can download their e-mail using Wi-Fi hotspots. At each gate, an agent from any airline can set up for a flight in seconds. And in offices around the facility, employees can coordinate activities ranging from freight delivery to food preparation to ground transportation. Cisco networks help expedite thousands of ins and outs an hour, around the clock. Livelier learning and friendlier flying.
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