Acquisitions Summary

Metaplex, Inc.
December 1996 - Specialist in network product development in the IBM enterprise marketplace, gives enterprise customers the ability to easily migrate from SNA to IP.
Market Opportunity: Enterprise SNA Solutions
Netsys Netsys Technologies , Inc.
October 14, 1996 - In October 1996, Cisco Systems, Inc. announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Netsys Technologies through a stock purchase. Netsys is a pioneer in network infrastructure management and performance analysis software. Cisco's intent in acquiring Palo Alto, Calif. based Netsys Technologies is to give customers the ability to simulate their network design in order to optimize capacity and performance. Netsys provides standards-based software capable of leveraging the graphical World Wide Web and Internet technology for managing today's hybrid internetworks.
Market Opportunity: Netsys Service-Level Management Suite
Granite Systems Granite Systems, Inc.
September 3, 1996 - In September 1996, Cisco Systems, Inc., announced an agreement to acquire Granite Systems, Inc. for its standards-based multilayer Gigabit Ethernet switching technologies. Cisco's intent in acquiring Palo Alto, Calif.-based Granite Systems is to give customers a wider choice of backbone network technologies best suited for their individual network environments.
Market Opportunity: Gigabit Ethernet Solutions
Nashoba Nashoba Networks, Inc.
August 6, 1996 - In August 1996, Cisco Systems, Inc., announced an agreement to acquire privately held Nashoba Networks, Inc. and its Token Ring switching technologies. Cisco's intent in acquiring Nashoba Networks is to give users a wide choice of Token Ring LAN switching products targeted at the workgroup and backbone environments. By joining forces, Cisco and Nashoba can help customers employ high-performance switched workgroup and backbone Token Ring LAN connectivity.
Market Opportunity: Token Ring Switching Solutions
Telebit Telebit's MICA Technologies
July 22, 1996 - In July 1996, Cisco Systems, Inc., announced an agreement to acquire Telebit Corp. and its Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA) technologies. Cisco will integrate the advanced features of MICA's high-density digital modem technology currently under development into current and future Cisco products, including the Cisco 2509-2511 access servers and the AS5200 Universal Access Server. Under the terms of the agreement, Telebit will sell its analog modem business, NetBlazer and MicaBlazer products and other assets and liabilities to a new entity formed via a Telebit management buyout.
Market Opportunity: Universal Access Servers
Stratacom Stratacom, Inc.
April 22, 1996 - In April 1996, Cisco Systems, Inc., acquired StrataCom, Inc., a leading supplier of Asyncronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay high-speed wide area network (WAN) switching equipment that integrates and transports a wide variety of information, including voice, data and video. The combination of Cisco with StrataCom will enable Cisco to provide end-to-end solutions across public, private or hybrid networks.
Market Opportunity: WAN Switching Solutions
TGV TGV Software, Inc.
January 23, 1996 - In January 1996, Cisco announced an agreement to acquire TGV Software, Inc., a leading supplier of Internet software products for connecting disparate computer systems over local area, enterprise-wide and global computing networks. The acquisition extends Cisco's software product line to include network applications and services which are used to build corporate intranets and support the growing global Internet and World Wide Web.
Market Opportunity: Security Products and Technologies