Acquisitions Summary

Protego Networks, Inc.
Dec. 20, 2004 - Protego's technology will enhance the management, monitoring and mitigation capabilities of Cisco's portfolio of security products. Protego provides traditional security information management (SIM) functions, including security event / log capture, consolidation, centralization, correlation, prioritization, visualization, investigation, escalation, and compliance reporting. It extends this functionality by obtaining detailed information about the network infrastructure through a variety of device logs and alerts, Netflow communications, and other means, allowing their appliances to interoperate with both Cisco core infrastructure and network security products lines.
Market Opportunity: Security Monitoring
BCN Systems, Inc.
Dec. 9, 2004 - BCN Systems, Inc. has developed a flexible networking software architecture for routing applications. This technology will further improve the reliability, modularity, feature enhancement, and innovation of Cisco's portfolio of routing products. In the future, this architecture will allow additional hardware acceleration for advanced features such as QoS, security, and other services. BCN Systems, Inc.'s architecture will have application across all CPU-intensive routing platforms.
Market Opportunity: Networking Software
Jahi Networks, Inc.
Nov. 17, 2004 - Jahi is a provider of network management appliances aimed at simplifying interfaces for device management, deployment and configuration of a network of heterogeneous Cisco devices. Jahi's technology includes an external Programmatic Interface (PI) and other interface enhancements which complement Cisco's existing CLI and PI strategy and will enable Cisco to provide an enhanced network management solution to customers.
Market Opportunity: Network Management
Perfigo, Inc.
Oct. 21, 2004 - Perfigo is a leading developer of access control solutions that provide endpoint policy analysis, compliance, and access enforcement capabilities. Perfigo's technology extends the offerings in Cisco's Network Admission Control (NAC) program, an industry-leading effort designed to enforce endpoint policy compliance and help customers implement self-defending networks. Perfigo enables organizations to intelligently provide trusted access to "clean" endpoints, thereby increasing the availability and integrity of customer networks and critical business applications.
Market Opportunity: Network Admission Control (NAC)
dynamicsoft Inc.
Sept. 13, 2004 - dynamicsoft is the leader in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. dynamicsoft's portfolio of carrier-class infrastructure technology, combined with Cisco's Softswitch-based solutions, enables wireless and wireline service providers to quickly develop and deploy "subscriber-aware" IP communications services using voice, video, messaging, presence awareness and other real-time capabilities.
Market Opportunity: SIP Technology
NetSolve, Inc.
Sept. 9, 2004 - NetSolve is a leading provider of remote network and IT infrastructure management services for the enterprise and service provider. NetSolve remotely monitors, pro-actively diagnoses and solves a range of network and IT infrastructure issues related to LAN/WAN as well as advanced technologies such as IP Communications and Security.
Market Opportunity: IT Infrastructure Mgmt Services
P-Cube Inc.
Aug. 23, 2004 - P-Cube is a leader in programmable IP Service Control platforms for wireline network operators. P-Cube's Service Control solutions overlay intelligence and application-level control on existing IP transport networks - enabling service providers to analyze, control and meter application and content-based services.
Market Opportunity: IP Services
Parc Technologies, Ltd.
Jul. 8, 2004 - Parc develops traffic engineering (TE) solutions and software for routing optimization. Parc's Route Server algorithms apply innovative technology to break up network routing problems involving complex Quality of Service constraints. These algorithms integrate specialized solvers and the solutions they generate can help Service Providers deliver high quality services while improving network utilization and reducing capital expenditure.
Market Opportunity: TE Solutions
Actona Technologies, Inc.
Jun. 29, 2004 - Actona is a developer of wide-area file services software that facilitates data management across geographically distributed offices. Cisco currently offers a Full Service Branch solution that combines enhanced wide area network (WAN) connectivity with advanced network security, IP voice communications, and business application and video acceleration services on a common platform. Actona's technology will augment that offering by expanding the functionality of Cisco's branch office access router portfolio with intelligent network services that enable WAN-optimized file transfer and access.
Market Opportunity: Storage Networking
Procket Network, Inc.
Jun. 17, 2004 - Procket Networks is a developer of concurrent services routers and has expertise in silicon and software development. This purchase will add a rich intellectual property portfolio and a team of proven silicon and software architects to Cisco's industry leading routing technology and products.
Market Opportunity: Routing Technology
Riverhead Networks, Inc.
Mar. 22, 2004 – Riverhead Networks is a leading developer of security technology that protects against Distributed Denial of Service ("DDoS") attacks and other security threats in enterprise and service provider networks. DDoS attacks represent a severe threat to the availability of network and data center resources and can severely impact enterprises and service providers. Riverhead delivers an innovative solution that protects online operations from sophisticated attacks by detecting and blocking malicious traffic without impacting legitimate business transactions. Quick detection and mitigation of these attacks enables businesses to stay online and reliably service their customers without interruption.
Market Opportunity: Security
Twingo Systems, Inc.
Mar. 12, 2004 – Twingo Systems is a leading provider of desktop security solutions for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This acquisition advances Cisco's leadership in providing secure connectivity solutions and reinforces Cisco's Self Defending Network strategy, which dramatically improves the network's ability to identify, prevent, and respond to a range of security threats. Cisco plans to incorporate Twingo's Virtual Secure Desktop into its existing WebVPN solution beginning with the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator series.
Market Opportunity: SSL VPN