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To architect the network as a platform (and reaping its benefits) requires more than just reliable equipment and trained personnel.  Customers need to better understand how to use their network architectures so that their networks become their business platforms.  Technology alone will not make that happen; Cisco Services play a vital role.  Services, whether directly from Cisco or through our partners, can create an intelligent, trusted and resilient network designed to meet Cisco customers’ evolving business needs.

The success of the Services organization is driven by commitment, hard work and collaboration amongst the Advanced Services, Technical Services and Services Sales teams within Cisco.

Advanced Services

The Cisco Advanced Services organization helps customers optimize their network investment and speed adoption and migration of advanced technologies.

Opportunities to work within the Advanced Services organization include but are not limited to the following roles: Network Consulting Engineers, Network Consulting Engineer Interns, and Software Developers.

Technical Services

Technical Services is team of world-class technical experts whose number one focus is to help customers deploy and operate their networks effectively while delivering the best possible customer experience.  Our success is validated through outstanding financial results, increasing customer satisfaction metrics, industry recognition, and employee satisfaction scores.

Opportunities to work within the Technical Services organization include but are not limited to the following roles: Customer Support Engineers, Cisco Services Lab Operations Co-Ops, Technical Assistance Center Interns, Corporate Quality Interns and Project Manager Interns.

Services Sales

Worldwide Services Sales and Channels mirror the global Field Operations organization and is based on a customer-centric organizational approach, enabling agility and speed in both decision-making and market responsiveness.  Services is a significant growth engine for Cisco and, by integrating our Services with Cisco's products and software platforms, and competing with innovation and differentiation, we maximize the power of the network and help our customers transform it from a business fundamental to a business differentiator.

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