Ziad Alghamdi

  • Name: Ziad S. Alghamdi
  • Role and Program: Associate Networking Consulting Engineer (ANCE), GTAP
  • Degree Received: Bachelor of Computer Science - Computer Engineering
  • University attended: King Saud University
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Date joined Cisco: 25th Nov, 2007

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A dream came true the day I received the telephone call offering me a place on the first cohort of the Associate Networking Consulting Engineer (ANCE) program. I counted the days until the start date in Amman of November 25th, 2007. Since that day, new challenges and achievements were conquered almost on a daily basis. Each challenge led to a bigger, more exciting challenge. It's hard to believe how much I gained from those challenges and experiences so far in the last five months. Now, I'm doing my best to deploy that huge amount of information learned and practiced into real life by keeping customers satisfied.

I started the program with basic networking knowledge, and now after 5 months, I've passed the CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and the CCIE written exams. It seemed like an impossible mission on the first day of the program, but here I am making it real and possible.

Within the Technical Assistance Center (Cisco TAC), real life scenarios are experienced case by case. The feeling is indescribable when connecting the pure technical lessons to the life network of the Cisco customers and to see their reaction when I make a difference. I cannot wait to work on the next case with another customer.

I remember wondering about joining the program and how beneficial starting such a track at this period of my life would be. Now, after only 5 months, I understand why. By achieving my goals with all of Cisco's support what I have is a life-time opportunity that cannot be missed.

Why did you choose to work at Cisco?

Cisco is the leader of the networking business. They have a great culture and the best fresh graduate development programs. Cisco is the #1 best environment to work for in Saudi Arabia. The GTAP is a unique experience and gave me the chance to be a real network consultant engineer.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

You do real work, customers really depend on you and you are their advisor. When they want services from Cisco, you will be on the frontline.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in joining Cisco?

To apply for this program with the full confidence that you will gain a lot of technical knowledge and communication skills improvement. This is a life time experience that no one would want to miss.

How have you grown since joining Cisco?

It's really a dramatic change, from being a fresh graduate knowing almost nothing about the IT business to an NCE that Cisco can depend on with the customers. My communication skills have been improved to a professional level. I have been learning the meaning of "customer satisfaction" and deploying it all the time.

What have been your most enjoyable experiences?

Learning from the best in the field, top experienced Cisco employees that come from all over the world to share their experience with us. And also traveling all over the world, learning a lot about Cisco culture and diversity.

What have been your most challenging experiences?

Achieving the CCIE written exam in a very short time. Learning about time management and how to balance between your work and your life.

What keeps you excited about working at Cisco?

Everyday has a new challenge, and everyday you learn something new.