Networked Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies are transforming how we work, how we do business, and how we deliver on our corporate social responsibilities at Cisco. The power of an intelligent network has the ability to drive new levels of innovation, productivity and efficiencies, and people all over the world have access to information like never before. Technological advancements offer tremendous opportunities to drive positive change in how we approach business, economic, and societal challenges. And the social networking innovations that make up Web 2.0 technologies have not only changed the way we work and how we interact in our personal lives, but they have also improved how we interact with our customers and partners to take our relationships to an entirely different level.

Using the network as a platform for both innovation and productivity, we can more closely align our efforts with the needs of our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees. We can bring new focus to everything from guiding our employees’ training and development to transforming healthcare and educational systems to driving a country’s sustainable economic growth to improving environmental stewardship, corporate governance, and ethical practices.

We are at an inflection point unlike any other in history, and I believe Cisco has an unprecedented opportunity to help countries, communities, and citizens achieve their social and economic goals. Now is the time to improve global citizens’ standard of living and make a lasting impact on a country’s future and its ability to lead in the new digital economy by maintaining focus on innovation, national competitiveness, job creation, and growth.

For example, through Smart Grids we can securely manage energy on electrical grids, from generation to consumption, to make homes and buildings more productive and economical. And through a combination of public-private partnerships, we lead the way in delivering transformational learning, providing remote healthcare options, and developing new infrastructure models for tomorrow’s sustainable cities.

Our social advancement initiatives and environmental programs address fundamental issues that are important to people all over the world. And as Cisco looks to strengthen our business by helping to strengthen global communities, we continue to support and report our progress toward the universal principles embodied in the United Nations Global Compact.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary as a company, we are celebrating 25 years of exceptional talent, leadership, innovation, and operational excellence. We believe our opportunities are endless, given our position to capture the momentum that is occurring in the global marketplace today. The world is much more connected than it was 25 years ago, and next-generation intelligent networks will serve as the platform for helping us meet the challenges we face today as well as to prepare for our future.