The Cisco Takeback and Recycle Program makes the treatment, recovery, recycling, and environmentally sound disposal of Cisco products easy and is free at point of use. You can avoid the cost of managing and storing excess, outdated, or used networking equipment by following these steps:

  1. Document inventory to be recycled by location (building/city/country)
  2. Define product readiness requirements:
    1. De-installation requirements.
    2. Packing material needed.
    3. Personnel resources required to pack inventory.
    4. Address where pickup is required.
  3. Complete online Cisco Takeback and Recycle Program request form:
    1. List the product detail, contact information, and pickup location(s) on the form.
    2. Submit the form.
  4. Receive application confirmation
    1. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes an Customer Take Back (CTB) Number and Case Number and shipping label (example Case number: 333XXXXXXX).
    2. Cisco or a Cisco agent will contact you to schedule pickup within three business days of receiving the Takeback and Recycle Program request.
  5. Package and label the products for shipping
    1. Follow packing instructions.
    2. Attach the shipping label you received in Step 4 to each box you are shipping.

You must reference the Customer Take Back (CTB) Number and Case Number that is included in your e-mail confirmation on any correspondence with the Cisco recycle coordinator.

Upon completion of the recycling process, Cisco will provide documentation about the handling and treatment of the returned product and, on request, can provide a Certificate of Destruction that releases your business from further liability for the equipment.