The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 4, Number 2


Jonathan B. Postel Service Award for 2001 Presented to Daniel Karrenberg
Internet Society (ISOC) Chairman Brian Carpenter presented the 2001 Jonathan Postel Service Award to Mr. Daniel Karrenberg, one of the pioneers of the Internet's development in Europe, during the opening ceremony of the 2001 INET Conference. His early work was at the University of Dortmund creating a basic networked e-mail and USENET service. The success of this initiative was the seed on which the first pre-commercial network, EUnet, was built. As the Internet came to Europe in the late 1980s, Mr. Karrenberg was active in organizing the first RIPE meeting and in creating the RIPE NCC to serve as secretariat for the Internet community in Europe. The RIPE NCC became the first Regional Internet Registry as we know them, taking on address allocation as one of its core services. Daniel headed the effort from the start, working hard to maximize the benefit for the community.

Mr. Karrenberg humbly accepted the award, thanking the Internet community for this recognition and pledging to continue his work guided by the spirit of Jon Postel.

The Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was established by the Internet Society to honor a person who has made outstanding contributions in service to the data communications community. It is named for Dr. Jonathan B. Postel to recognize and commemorate the extraordinary stewardship exercised by Jon over the course of a thirty year career in networking. The Award consists of an engraved crystal globe and US $20,000.00. The first award was presented posthumously to Jon Postel himself, accepted by his mother, Lois Postel at INET '99. Scott Bradner received the second award during INET 2000. For additional information on Jon Postel's life and contributions, please visit:

RFC 1149 Implemented
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has a long tradition of publishing humorous Request For Comments (RFCs) each year on April 1st. One of the more famous such RFCs is "A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers," RFC 1149, by David Waitzman, published on April 1, 1990. This "carrier pigeon" RFC was recently implemented by a group in Bergen, Norway.

Jon Crowcroft Joins IPJ Editorial Advisory Board
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jon Crowcroft of University College London has joined the Editorial Advisory Board for the Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ). Dr. Crowcroft has been working in the field of internetworking and protocol design since the early days of the ARPA-NET.

We would also like to thank Edward Kozel, the creator of IPJ, for his support and advice over the last three years. Mr. Kozel has left Cisco to pursue other interests.

The Internet Protocol Journal
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Peter Lothberg , Network Architect
Stupi AB, Sweden

Dr. Jun Murai , Professor, WIDE Project
Keio University, Japan

Dr. Deepinder Sidhu , Professor, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Director, Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research, USA

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VeriFi Limited, Hong Kong

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