Benefit from Virtualisation with Unified Computing

"We decided to implement this solution because it offers the highest efficiency per square metre in terms of processor performance. We can also manage the solution using a user-friendly, central management tool, the Cisco UCS Manager. This enables us to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability.”

Fabian Waser, Managing Director of vCloud

Today, more than 11,000 customers worldwide trust their business to Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor. By deploying virtualisation with UCS, customers are seeing a transformation, including:

  • 30 percent lower infrastructure costs
  • 40 percent improvement in application performance
  • 90 percent reduction in deployment times

Cisco UCS by the Numbers

Numbers and facts are the best way to prove something. Real customer benefits from using Cisco UCS include:

  • Decreasing the time to deploy and manage servers by 80 percent
  • Reducing the cost of running a CRM application by 20 percent

The following video also explains what 900 means in the context of benefits to UCS customers.

Cisco UCS, powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor, was designed for simplicity, integration, speed, automation, and ease of use.


Did You Know?

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor, has captured 63 world performance records in just three years.

Various vendors run industry-recognized performance benchmark tests, such as:

  • VMware VMmark
  • Oracle benchmarks
  • Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) benchmarks

In just three years, thanks to its unique unified architecture, Cisco UCS has scored the top record in up to 63 of those performance tests. This accomplishment is a testament to how effective the power of a unified architecture is.

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Compared with an HP system, Cisco UCS is 47 percent faster, with 67 percent fewer steps to add a new server to a live system.

Cisco UCS is about making IT simpler, faster, and more efficient, which means making the system easier to set up and expand. Cisco commissioned Principled Technologies, an independent company, to compare the process of adding two blades to an enclosure on a Cisco UCS and an HP system.

The result: it takes 67 percent fewer steps to add two blades to a working Cisco UCS than to an HP Blade enclosure.

> Read the Report (PDF - 773 KB)

Cisco UCS Blades Outpace HP

In the following video, Principled Technologies compares the process to deploy blades on a Cisco UCS and on an HP system. See why Cisco UCS deployment is 47 percent faster.

Cisco is the only vendor that delivers the same management and advantages for blade and rack form factors.

Traditionally, blade servers have offered better density and advanced management with a level of integration, oftentimes by adding complex and disparate modules to the system. Rack-based servers, however, were managed as discrete units.

Cisco UCS delivers unified, embedded management for network, storage, and compute. Even more uniquely, customers get the same advantages whether they deploy blade or rack form factors, or both. Cisco UCS Manager delivers the advantage of unification.

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Cisco Extended Memory technology can help you reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Through an innovate architecture, Cisco UCS supports large memory footprints of up to 192 GB of RAM. This architecture uses low-cost 4-GB dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) rather than more expensive 8-GB DIMMs.

Also, using up to 384 GB of RAM on a dual socket system helps you support more virtual machines on memory-intensive applications. You can therefore reduce your investment in software licenses, which are usually CPU-bound. The result: you can do more with less.

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You can use an online tool to determine your potential return on investment from deploying Cisco UCS.

Cisco provides a free online tool to calculate total cost of ownership and return on investment with UCS. You describe your current server environment and select a potential UCS solution as a comparison, and then see where you will save money.

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Cisco Capital provides a complete financing solution for all components of the data center.

Cisco Capital provides a complete financing solution for all components of the virtualised, cloud-based data center: compute, network, and storage. Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading your existing data center platform, our competitive interest rates help lower the cost of migration.

We also offer attractive trade-in options so that you can refresh your existing server and blade technology sooner. And by providing one contract for hardware, software, and services, we promote greater transparency of total cost of ownership and a simpler internal cost recovery model.

Find out more about financing Cisco UCS:

Customer Stories

Find out how other customers benefit from Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor.

Italian Electrical Firm Cuts IT Costs by 75 Percent (PDF - 354 KB)

"We calculated that UCS had the best price performance ratio of all the systems we considered. The integrated design of UCS simplifies the IT architecture to such an extent that you can make very interesting savings. For example we have cut our IT operating costs by about 75%."

– Samuele Cerquetti, CIO, Edif

Luxury Hotel in Zurich Offers Excellent Service (PDF - 470 KB)

"...Forty physical servers have been replaced with six UCS blades. Initially, we were skeptical and thought that the Cisco solution was perhaps over large for our requirements but the attractive price, simplified management and the numerous functions available persuaded us in the end."

– Patrick Stäheli, Director of Engineering, Dolder Grand Hotel

Swiss Provider Delivers Infrastructure as a Service (PDF - 413 KB)

"We decided to implement this solution because it offers the highest efficiency per square metre in terms of processor performance and storage density… We can also manage the solution using a user-friendly, central management tool, the Cisco UCS Manager."

– Fabian Waser, Managing Director, vCloud

Austrian Firm Uses UCS to Meet Rapid User Increase (PDF - 245 KB)

"The service profiles available with Cisco UCS mean we are now able to set up ready configured machines within minutes. In the past, that would have taken at least a day."

– Arthur de Pauw, Operations Manager, Thales

Media Company Grows Revenue with Internet Streaming (PDF - 372 KB)

"Streaming GOL TV to the Internet could open the door to advertising and subscription revenues estimated to be worth as much as €300,000, while eliminating the need to outsource content delivery is expected to save around €250,000 a year… Now, with Cisco UCS, a new service can be provisioned and deployed about 50 percent faster."

– Gustau Serra, CIO, Mediapro

Luxembourg Public Entity Can Easily Expand Services (PDF - 163 KB)

"The speed with which Cisco installed everything really amazed me. It was incredible to see how easy it all went. There is a huge range of possibilities for integration with the network and the configuration takes place via drag and drop. With the installation of Cisco UCS, the Chambre de Metiers is now ready to set up a secure cloud."

– Jean-Yves Kayser, Project Manager and IT Engineer, Chambre des Métiers

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