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Cisco Unified Communications Platform takes off in Naumi

The Challenge: Bringing mobile technology to all hotel guests

Naumi, new kid on the boutique hotel block, is tucked away at a quaint corner of the famous Seah Street in Singapore; adding to the growing number of niche hotels on this cosmopolitan island.

With just 40 luxurious rooms, guests feel right at home in a place where every hotel staff calls them by name.

With the hotel industry in Singapore is fiercely competitive, how do you get high-powered business travelers to choose your hotel over all the others?

"Some of the technology requirements that we wanted was that the customer can actually be mobile in the hotel. If he should be in the swimming pool, if he's in the gym or in the bar having a drink, he should be able to be in touch with the outside world," says Surya Jhunjhnuwala, Managing Director of Hind Development.

Providing a mobile guest experience was only part of the challenge. Naumi needed a solution that was cost effective and enabled the hotel to as business needs changed.

The Solution: Personalized Guest Services

To address this challenge, Naumi turned to Cisco® Unified Communications, which brings together voice, video, and data communications on a single IP network. The Cisco solution also provides phone and high-speed Internet service in every guest room, and the same network can also deliver wireless Internet access to all parts of the hotel.

According to Mark Kendall of Cisco, in the near future, when business needs demand it, guests who tap into the hotel’s Wifi infrastructure will be recognized wherever they are in the hotel. This opens up a realm of possibilities, particularly with the advent of dual mode phones, when guests will be able to store all their contacts on one handset, and be able to receive both voice and messaging from the hotel. But what’s even better is that guests can use the contacts on their phone and make phone calls, but going out through the local phone system rather than the roaming charges. This provides significant cost savings for Naumi.

Julian Corden of Touchbase adds, “One of the key drivers for us was to actually create this virtual concierge-type environment. We wanted to make sure that every interaction with the staff was a value-adding interaction, so there’s certain interaction within the hotel such as providing tourist information and travel information, which do not really require the assistance of the staff. As a result, we designed a virtual concierge application that sat upon the handset itself. The guests can guide themselves through a very quick and easy menu to give themselves excess to all of this information about Singapore and the local communities.”

By running voice and data over the same network, Naumi can give business travelers access to powerful communications tools they can access right over the phone in their room. The “virtual concierge” service enables guests to view their reservation information, tourist information, order room service, or access customized voice mail over their in-room IP phones. Each room is also equipped with a wireless IP phone that guests can take with them wherever they go in the hotel.

The Result : Excellent service with Room to Grow

By providing powerful communication services directly to its guests, Naumi has been able to stay a step ahead of other hotels in a highly competitive marketplace.

The solution has empowered Naumi’s staff to exceed guest satisfaction because they are in constant touch with the guest whenever they call housekeeping or room service. With their wireless IP phones by their side, the staff is mobile and yet can attend to guests any whenever they are required too. As for the guests, they have provided equally positive feedback.

With the success of Naumi, there are now plans to open a second Naumi hotel in the heart of the Central Business District area.

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