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Medianet for Built-In Intelligence

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Services for Business Video

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As data, voice, and IP video converge, Cisco can help you build a media-ready network to meet your multimedia needs. With Cisco business video solutions, distance is no longer a barrier. Real-time communication is instantaneous, and network-integrated security is a reality. You can:

  • Help employees, customers, global teams, and partners collaborate more frequently, efficiently, and effectively
  • Cut travel costs
  • Improve decision cycle times

Cisco business video applications include:

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Deliver Better Video with a Medianet

A medianet is an intelligent, multimedia-optimized network that can help deliver video the way you want to. Built-in intelligence offers adaptability and predictability, reliably and transparently providing high-quality media experiences to any device on the network.

Cisco works with partners to address end-to-end multimedia needs, employing our expertise in:

  • IP networking
  • Business video
  • Consumer premises solutions

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