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Featured Cisco TelePresence Products

  • Immersive Experiences


    High-definition images and discrete audio deliver immersive experiences using advanced visual, audio, and collaboration technologies.

    • TANDBERG Movi

      TANDBERG Movi

      • Requires only an existing PC or Mac and a web camera
      • Supports thousands of users in a video-enabled enterprise
      • Allows connection from public spaces, or remote offices, whenever needed
      • Offers industry-leading quality, reliability and ease of use
      • Permits easy integration with existing enterprise video deployments
    • TANDBERG Profile

      TANDBERG Profile

      • Includes HD quality video, wide screen LCD displays
      • Features PrecisionHD 1080p cameras
      • Simplifies system control with TANDBERG inTouch
      • Uses 8-inch touch screen to make and manage calls
      • Similar to the TANDBERG T3 and T1
      • Integrates TANDBERG C series line of codecs
    • Up to Six People per Room

      Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series

      • Consists of a single-screen, three-camera system designed for a general-purpose room
      • Supports six people per room for multipoint group meetings, operational reviews, status updates, and customer presentations
    • Three Screens, Seating for Six

      Cisco TelePresence System 3010

      • Consists of a newly designed three-screen system with a table that seats six participants per room
      • Facilitates team meetings and fits easily into most standard conference rooms
      • Includes a built-in LCD display for sharing interactive multimedia data and presentation slides
  • Operate and Manage TelePresence

    Infrastructure and Management

    Operate and manage your Cisco TelePresence deployment connecting central sites, remote offices, and teleworkers.

  • Interoperability


    Enjoy interoperability with standard- and high-definition video conferencing systems.

  • Intercompany Cisco TelePresence

    Intercompany Cisco TelePresence

    Securely bring customers, suppliers, or partners face-to-face, around a single virtual table, any time you want.

All Cisco TelePresence Products

The Cisco TelePresence portfolio includes system endpoints, management software, multipoint switching, collaboration tools, intercompany connectivity, and lifecycle services-all tightly integrated to a suite of other business video and collaboration technologies to deliver compelling end-user applications.

Cisco TelePresence System

TelePresence Solutions

Take interaction and collaboration to a new level with a range of applications, including:

  • Meetings
  • High-definition (HD) broadcasting and recording
  • Intimate customer experiences
  • Digital signage
  • Full-reach web conferencing with Cisco WebEx solutions

You also get any-to-any interoperability with almost all standard-definition (SD) and HD video conferencing.

Experiences for Your Business

Cisco TelePresence solutions create live, “face-to-face” experiences over the network, empowering you to collaborate like never before. See All Experiences

Cisco TelePresence Expert On Demand

Provide high-touch customer service and point-of-sale services to create customer experiences with intimacy beyond traditional contact methods.

Cisco HealthPresence

Create an environment similar to what most people experience when they visit their doctor or health specialist by combining Cisco TelePresence systems with medical information.

Cisco TelePresence Streaming

Provide the Cisco TelePresence experience throughout your organization with streaming services from Cisco and our partners.

Cisco TelePresence WebEx OneTouch

Extend the Cisco TelePresence meeting experience to Cisco WebEx users and connect with anyone, anywhere using accessible collaboration technology.

Cisco Services

Cisco and our partners provide a broad portfolio of intelligent, personalized services to help you assess network readiness, realize the full value of your Cisco TelePresence investment, and increase business agility and network availability.

Cisco TelePresence Services

Get help planning, designing, implementing, and operating your solution to deliver a high-quality, reliable Cisco TelePresence experience.

Medianet Readiness Assessment PDF (PDF - 301 KB)

Assess the readiness of your network infrastructure for rich-media applications.

Managed and Hosted TelePresence

Use managed and hosted cloud services to easily connect with customers, prospects, and partners, including remote or traveling team members.

Intercompany Cisco TelePresence

Intercompany Cisco TelePresence uses the power of the network to securely bring customers, suppliers, or partners face-to-face, around a single virtual table, any time you want.

Value-Added Services

Take advantage of advanced services for planning and remotely managing your Cisco TelePresence deployment.

Managed Services

Cost-effectively simplify and scale your Cisco TelePresence deployment with fully or partially managed services.

Public Cisco TelePresence Suites

Connect with remote or traveling co-workers, customers, and business partners at public locations.

Learn About TelePresence

At A Glance

Excelling in today’s fast-moving business environment requires collaboration. That collaboration includes coworkers, partners, and customers working together at anytime and from anyplace.

Build Personal Relationships to Succeed
Personal relationships are critical for business effectiveness. But building and maintaining relationships can require frequent travel. That can reduce productivity, time in the office, and time at home with family.

Promote “In-Person” Collaboration
Cisco TelePresence facilitates immersive, “in-person” communication and collaboration over the network. It can do this even when colleagues, prospects, and partners are in opposite hemispheres. With Cisco TelePresence, your business can:

  • Cut travel costs
  • Make the right resources available at the right time and location
  • Build trust, understanding, and relationships across distances and cultures
  • Foster innovative collaboration
  • Speed time to market

Reducing travel requirements can certainly help you become more resource-efficient, but there is more. It can also improve the quality of life and morale for your employees-which can directly benefit productivity and profitability.

Featured Case Study

  1. Molina Healthcare Enhances Collaboration PDF (Video - 5:06 min)

    Molina Healthcare reduces costs and accelerates performance for a superior customer experience across multiple states with Cisco TelePresence and unified communications.

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