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Featured Network Management Products

  • Enterprise network management


    Improve operational efficiency and reduce network downtime using class-leading products and solutions. Manage enterprise networks end to end.

    • CiscoWorks LMS

      CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution

      • Allows access to management data anytime, anywhere with web-based interface
      • Simplifies deployment and troubleshooting of Cisco devices and technologies
      • Supports network discovery, topology views, and VLAN management
      • Provides comprehensive device support for all Cisco hardware platforms
    • Cisco NAM

      Cisco Network Analysis Module

      • Delivers real-time visibility into network
      • Enables consistent application and service delivery
      • Improves efficiency with advanced troubleshooting, proactive alerts
      • Provides insight into application traffic, network usage and trends
      • Offers a choice of hardware and software form factors
    • Cisco UOM

      Cisco Unified Operations Manager

      • Promotes real-time visualization and monitoring
      • Delivers powerful diagnostic tests and troubleshooting capabilities
      • Tracks details of Unified Communications devices and IP phone inventory
    • Cisco UPM

      Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager

      • Delivers activation services for full lifecycle management
      • Manages subscriber services across the Unified Communications infrastructure
      • Reduces ongoing costs and expertise required to manage network changes
    • CiscoWorks NCM

      CiscoWorks Network Compliance Manager

      • Supports flexible incremental licensing based on number of nodes
      • Promotes policy- and rule-based compliance reporting and management
      • Delivers support for a broad range of vendor equipment
      • Improves visibility into network changes
  • Service provider network management

    Service Provider

    Implement products designed for advanced applications. Help ensure superior performance, high availability, and enhanced subscriber satisfaction.

    • Cisco ANA

      Cisco Active Network Abstraction

      • Implements simplified integration of OSS applications with rapid updates
      • Delivers an extensible network resource management infrastructure
      • Adopts consistent procedures and interfaces for all network elements
    • Cisco BAC

      Cisco Broadband Access Center

      • Helps enable automated flow-through provisioning of subscriber services
      • Centrally controls and configures residential gateways and IP devices
      • Allows recognition of all devices accessing the service provider network
    • Cisco ISC

      Cisco IP Solution Center

      • Provides scalable and reliable architecture for large network operations
      • Promotes provisioning and troubleshooting of carrier-class environments
      • Faciliates planning and configuration of MPLS traffic engineering
    • Cisco MWTM

      Cisco Mobile Wireless Transport Manager

      • Performs real-time updating of system changes
      • Simplifies network problem identification and troubleshooting
      • Helps prevents accidental or malicious operations
    • Cisco NR

      Cisco Network Registrar

      • Delviers high-performance, highly scalable DHCP and DNS server
      • Promotes extensible, customizable, and easy-to-integrate deployment via SDKs and CLI commands
      • Provides distributed deployment model with central control via browser-based IPAM user-interface
      • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual stacking
  • Small business network management

    Small Business

    Network management products and services tailored for businesses with 250 or fewer employees.

All Network Management Products

Optimize the operation and manamgement of sophisticated and advanced networks with Cisco Network Management products. Small businesses, large enterprises, and service providers can benefit from these tools. Cisco provides the resources to help you achieve the level of network manageability needed to keep your network running efficiently and effectively.

Data Center Management and Automation

IP Communications Management

QoS Policy Management

Network Analysis Module (NAM) Products

Network Configuration and Change Management

Optical Management

Other Network Management Products

Routing and Switching Management

Cisco Active Network Abstraction Products

Cisco Info Center Products

Cisco Diagnostics Expert Products

Programmatic Interfaces

WAN Management

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Video, Cable and Content Delivery Management

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Network Management Solutions

Network Management Solutions

Cisco Network Management solutions embody a comprehensive approach to monitoring, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and optimizing network system operations. These solutions integrate modular component products and professional services. In doing so, they help meet the demands of increasingly complex and evolving environments.

Integrated Solutions

Network management solutions encompass product and services that help improve operational efficiency and network availability.

Network Application Performance Analysis

Apply tools and services that provide detailed information about both application and network performance.

Unified Communications Network Management

Implement a simplified way to increase productivity and help reduce TCO through automated, integrated network management.

MPLS Management Essentials

Address the challenges of deploying Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technologies with a wide variety of advanced and value-added services over a single infrastructure.

Carrier IP NGN Management Solution

Provides the tools to help you effectively manage the service lifecycle of the IP NGN network.

Network Management for Service Providers

Use Cisco solutions to manage service provider networks and to help deploy optimally effective network management solutions.

Learn About Network Management

At A Glance

Cisco is transforming traditional network management. Cisco Network Management products and solutions focus on the strengths of Internet-based architectures. That focus allows for greater accessibility and simplification of tasks and processes. Those enhancements in turn help customers prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize network infrastructures.

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Featured Case Study

  1. Strengthen Margins and Customer Service PDF (PDF - 205 KB)

    Learn how Cisco IP Solution Center provisioning and MPLS Diagnostic Expert helps automate service creation and help desk functions.

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