After being recognized as one of the significant geographic groups in Cisco last year, the Mediterranean Geography team continues to evolve: announcing these days that Italy will be part of the Mediterranean team and thus becoming the second largest Geography in Cisco Europe

Oct. 2, 2009 – These days, the Mediterranean Geography team in Cisco is finalizing a comprehensive process that includes the joining of Italy to the Mediterranean team, consolidation of inner professional groups providing services for all the countries in the area and conducting some more reorganization steps in order to strength the professional abilities in the Mediterranean team and unite all the countries under one leadership.

These actions along with excellent leadership skills, aligned business development support, team cooperation across the Mediterranean region, and impressive country results throughout the year are continuation of last year's recognition as the most successful and inspiring team of the year: At the end of 2008 Cisco has recognized the Mediterranean Geography region, giving an award to Jordi Botifoll, Vice-President of the Mediterranean Geography, during its annual Global Sales Meeting (GSM) held in San Francisco, USA. The award was presented to Mr. Botifoll as a recognition for the Mediterranean Geography team (composed of six countries - Portugal, Spain, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and now also Italy) dynamism that led to business and economic collaboration and success.

Furthermore, last year's trend on sales growth continues also this year with the Mediterranean team's ability to maintain growth once again. This achievement along with others has positioned the Mediterranean region as the second largest Geography in Cisco Europe and apparently one of the most influential and innovative teams in the theatre.

The latest developments in the Mediterranean team, such as the joining of Italy, along with promoting team collaboration across the geography ,reflect the continuing execution of our vision to develop the region’s own strategy and execution”, said Jordi Botifoll, Vice-President of the Mediterranean region at Cisco. “Creating unique professional groups that are providing services to the entire region is one way that we have chosen to implement collaboration, support and teamwork between the different countries in the Mediterranean team, leading it to be the second largest Geography in Europe”.

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