Cisco Unity - Benefits for Business Professionals

More Responsive to Your Customers
Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the road, Cisco Unity allows you to manage all your messages using the tool-laptop, telephone, desktop PC, cell phone, wireless PDA-of your choice. You decide if, when, and how you access and respond to your messages. Respond with the best medium for your communication-reply to e-mail with voice mail or vice versa, send a message with text, attached file, or URL.

Stay in Touch, No Matter Where You Are
Cisco Unity gives you the ability to check your e-mail, voice, and fax messages over a telephone, so you can manage all your messages when you are out of the office. You can travel without a laptop and still be in touch. No Internet connection? No problem, simply dial in to check all your messages.

Easy to Learn and Use
With Cisco Unity you won't need to learn a complicated interface for accessing messages. By allowing you to manage all of your messages from the familiar Outlook inbox or the intuitive browser-based interface, Cisco Unity makes training as easy as possible. All the features you use for managing e-mail also apply to your voice messages and faxes. With Cisco Unity, you can apply one set of rules and filters to all your messages, regardless of type.

Work More Efficiently
Because Cisco Unity shares the same directory as your e-mail system, you address all messages from the same global listing, speeding up the communications process. In addition, Cisco Unity allows you to leverage Outlook's powerful foldering capabilities, and put e-mail, voice, and fax messages together for a complete record of communications with customers and co-workers.

Easy to Administer
Cisco Unity's browser-based personal administrator, ActiveAssistant, makes the process of changing outgoing greetings, setting passwords, screening calls, setting up message notification, creating voice mail distribution lists, and many other features simple for users. Using the browser interface is effortless compared to dealing with a long series of voice prompts.

Use Time More Effectively
With Cisco Unity you can scan, prioritize, and respond to all your messages right at your desktop or laptop PC. Cisco Unity saves you time every day; you don't have to dial in every time you want to check a voice message. With a quick glance at your computer screen you can see all of your messages. With Cisco Unity you don't have to track down faxes because they come right to your inbox. There's no need to make notes about voice messages because you can save them with your e-mail messages and faxes for a complete record of communications.

Communicate in the Language of Your Choice
Cisco Unity is localized to meet the needs of customers around the globe. Fully localized versions are available in multiple languages-
Dutch, four dialects of English (Australian, New Zealand, U.K., and U.S.), French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, and two dialects of Spanish (Colombian and European)-and, depending on the language, feature everything from system prompts and subscriber conversations to the browser-based administration consoles and product documentation in the language of your choice.

Respond Quickly
Cisco Unity can notify your cell phone, pager, or other communications device of any message you've received-allowing you to respond as quickly as you'd like. You can even specify which types of messages you want to be notified of and when.

Unified Messaging Functionality Regardless of Groupware
Cisco Unity's Visual Messaging Interface (VMI) is a browser-based message access console that provides a dedicated voice mail inbox to deliver unified messaging functionality to non-Exchange users and organizations with mixed groupware or e-mail client environments. With VMI, you can receive notification of new voice mail messages right in your e-mail inbox. Message notification provides a URL that you can click on to automatically launch the VMI message access console, enabling you to play voice messages in WAV file format.

Simplify Communications with Remote Coworkers
With Cisco Unity's optional Digital Networking module you can use the global addressing feature-listing all system subscribers in a central directory-to send a message to a coworker in another time zone. Subscriber-to-subscriber messages offer more reply options to the recipient, making it simpler to respond to an e-mail with a voice message. Also, when retrieving messages over the telephone, voice mail from system subscribers is played first, along with the sender's recorded name for greater recognition.

Simplify Your Faxing
Cisco Unity voice-enables your existing Fax Server. While you are on the road, you can route a fax to local fax machine from any telephone. Annotate a fax with a voice message and forward to a co-worker or a distribution list.

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