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Adopting Cloud: Building and Buying Cloud Solutions and Services

Building and Buying Cloud Solutions: Find the Right Mix

Let's face it. When it comes to your business' overall cloud strategy, the decision is no longer a choice between building or buying cloud solutions. It's a combination of both. And now you face this decision on a service-by-service basis.

Building some cloud solutions, buying others. You're the enabler.

You're being asked to play the role of an IT service broker to your organization and solve problems like optimizing your IT mix, costs, and service levels based on business and application requirements. You need to meet the security, control, and governance needs for your business and industry. And you're facing pressure from the various lines of business.

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Manage the Present; Prepare for the Future

How do you balance your build and buy decision in order to meet near-term challenges while investing in the best long-term cloud solution? How do you balance scale with the flexibility to meet an ever-changing market landscape?

We can help make this decision process easier for you. We'll help your IT organization play the role of a cloud solutions broker to the entire business.

It's important to consider cloud solutions across deployment models -- and across architectures. We view private, public, and hybrid clouds with a systematic approach. This view includes secure data center and networking solutions, infrastructure management, as well as cloud applications and services.

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Cisco Public Cloud Solutions

Choosing to buy cloud solutions and services through public cloud providers has instant benefits. Achieving faster time-to-value, shifting CapEx to OpEx, and freeing up your resources to work on high-impact initiatives are just the beginning. We offer you two paths to public cloud solutions.

Cisco Powered Cloud Solutions from our partners use validated architectures that have gone through rigorous certifications and third-party audits. Expect high levels of security, performance, and reliability.

Cisco Powered Cloud Solutions include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) for your web conferencing, enterprise social software, IM, and telepresence needs
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for on-demand computing, memory, and storage
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) because your business can't stop
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) so you don't have to worry about data storage, backup, security, and upgrades

We can also offer you cloud services from Cisco directly:

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Cisco Private Cloud Solutions

Build private cloud solutions when you want to own, manage, and oversee certain cloud solutions in-house or have legal and regulatory concerns. We want to partner with you to make sure you get the most value from your private cloud solutions.

Secure Data Center and Networking:

  • Cisco Unified Data Center provides a common platform for physical, virtual, and cloud applications and operating models. This approach is designed for ITaaS. Legacy computing isn't. The result? A simpler, faster, and more cost-effective business.
  • Cisco Enterprise Networking gives employees and customers a consistently positive experience. Securing your endpoints? How about performance optimization with an application-aware network? Do this and more with an enterprise-ready network.
  • Cisco Cloud Security enhances your network infrastructure with strong protection, complete control, and global threat intelligence. It's easy to deploy. Costs 30-40 percent less than on-premises products. And lets you centrally set and enforce policies for your entire organization. Security has never been so appealing.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management:

  • Cloud Services Management including Intelligent Automation for Cloud delivers multi-cloud management. If you're looking for ways to extend cloud-service delivery beyond the data center, look no further.


  • Cisco Collaboration Portfolio can be tailored to your consumption model. It brings you web conferencing, social software, instant messaging, and voice and video collaboration. Connect your employees with quality experiences across devices and locations.

Cloud Enablement Services:

  • Cisco Cloud Enablement Services will help you plan, build, and manage your IT cloud initiative. Cloud strategies, planning and design, migration, management, implementation, and optimization. Our experts are here to help.

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