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Security - Data Loss Prevention from the Inside Out

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Security - Data Loss Prevention from the Inside Out

TechWiseTV episode 03  

Learn the practical solutions you can implement now to protect sensitive data from accidental exposure or loss.

Technology Focus: Security

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Suddenly, data loss prevention (DLP) is becoming a huge priority for IT professionals, and no wonder. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports that 93.8 million personal records have been reported lost or stolen since 2005 alone. Further, Ponemon Institute estimates that each data breach now costs the average company US$6.3 million. Most of these losses are caused by careless or naive employees, not hackers or data thieves. With Internet access now a constant from almost everywhere, how do you make sure that confidential or valuable data is not exposed or released by authorized users? Find out practical steps and solutions you can implement now to control a growing problem that Gartner Research has termed "epidemic". Get insider updates about the primary data loss prevention technologies available to you...


  • Defining the Data Loss Prevention Threat Vectors
  • DLP Vector: Clients
  • DLP Vector: The Web
  • DLP Vector: E-Mail

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