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Switching Secrets for Multimedia

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Switching Secrets for Multimedia

TechWiseTV episode 01  (66:53 min)

See how the latest architectural approaches to network security provide superior protection against present and future threats by adapting to your changing business needs.

Technology Focus: Security

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Optimizing network switch performance for video is becoming vital as video conferencing and communication go mainstream. Discover how to make the most of the switching technologies you already have to achieve peak performance. Learn how to build out a real-time network to support video. Join TechWiseTV and discover how to maximize your existing switching investments.


  • Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD), NetFlow, and other built-in tools
  • What makes a switch truly "stackable"
  • Programmable Intelligent Services Accelerator (PISA)
  • Cisco Virtual Switching System (VSS)

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