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Discover New Collaboration Experience With Cisco Jabber & TelePresence

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Discover New Collaboration Experience With Cisco Jabber & TelePresence

Discover New Collaboration Experience With Cisco Jabber & TelePresence

"Up close and personal." There is nothing like a face to face conversation. And "in person" matters to business leaders. In fact, over 70% of those surveyed believe in-person collaboration is critical to business success, has more impact than other forms of communication, and has the potential to increase productivity by over 20% across key business processes. But with businesses slashing travel budgets and the increasing mobility of the workforce and myriad of device choices, up close and personal is harder and harder to do. Cisco is meeting this challenge head on, and TechWiseTV is at Enterprise Connect to bring you the latest collaboration innovations,including:

  • Native integration between Jabber and TelePresence, giving mobile users high quality video in the office or on the go
  • Immersive TelePresence offerings with advanced collaboration capabilities
  • Jabber integration and enhancements to more devices and platforms, including iPad and Windows


  • Segment 1 - Integrating the Visual on Every Device
  • Segment 2 - TelePresence Immersion with the TX9000
  • Segment 3 - Performance Routing and TelePresence
  • Segment 4 - Jabber: Your Last Messaging App Ever?
  • Segment 5 - New Jabber Platforms, Video Integration and the SDK
  • Segment 6 - Unified Conferencing Milestones
  • Segment 7 - In the Lab: MCU 5300

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