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Planning for IPv6?

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Planning for IPv6?

Planning for IPv6?

Experts discuss keys to successful implementation of IPv6, including security implications, real-world experiences and a detailed assessment of the realities of NAT64 translation

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If you're considering a migration to IPv6, you won't want to miss this episode. Join our Cisco experts as they walk through the keys to successful implementation, including the security implications of IPv6 integration, Cisco's own real-world experiences with IPv6, and a detailed assessment of the realities of NAT64 translation.o content and "hidden" expertise within your organization.

* Agenda
The IPv6 Implementation Action Plan
Cisco and World IPv6 Day Lessons
IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigation
IPv6 and the Cisco Migration
IPv6 and Stateless NAT64
IPv6 Proof Point with Multicast on the Catalyst 65

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