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Extending Video from Boardroom to Workspace

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Extending Video from Boardroom to Workspace

See how the latest innovations are bringing high-quality videoconferencing to the desktop and making the visual workplace a reality. Discover how the H.264 Video Codec, Cisco Unified Call Manager 8.5, Cisco WebEx, and the Cisco TelePresence EX Series are making it possible for your employees to connect and collaborate visually to reduce travel costs and shorten decision-making cycles.


  • Segment 1 - The Pervasive Video Workspace
  • Segment 2 - The H.264 Video Codec
  • Segment 3 - The Cisco WebEx Perspective
  • Segment 4 - Centralized Call Control
  • Segment 5 - The Tandberg Cisco TelePresence Perspective
  • Segment 6 - Feedback Loop
  • Segment 7 - The Wrap


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