Business Development Director, Cisco Systems, Emerging Africa

Michele Castegnaro

Italian, 46, married to Bianca, three children, awaiting the fourth.

Academic studies conducted in Italy, finalised with a degree in Economics at L. Bocconi University of Milan, in 1984.

Resident in Kenya since August 2006 coming from France, where he lived 14 years.

Previously, he lived in Switzerland (Geneva), Canada (Toronto), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Italy (Milan), Belgium (Brussels), Singapore, the UK (London) and the US (New York).

Director of Business Development for Emerging Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa).

Main focus of such role is to establish relationship with Governments with aims at establishing partnerships for the development of nation-wide ICT strategies. He is in charge of the Cameroon Transformational project as a direct consequence of his charter.

Previous to this role, Mr. Castegnaro held various positions in sales and marketing in important Multinationals, such as Ericsson (VP EMEA Datacom Sales), General Electric (European Marketing Director) and Olivetti (VP Marketing), amongst others.

He also had his own start-up adventure, through the creation of a company active in Medical Diagnostic Imaging associated to the Internet.

Mr. Castegnaro has blended a variety of experiences, under the common denominator of innovative technologies: he has scaled from startup venture to conglomerate in such roles.

Michele speaks seven languages fluently, and plans making of Kiswahili his eight.

Besides his professional activity, Michele is a needed father, a resisting golfer and an avid opera lover.

His wife is expecting the fourth baby, who will prove the family attachment to Africa, as the baby will be delivered in Nairobi in August.