Cisco Channel Partner Award 2008

Partner & Vertrieb

Auch dieses Jahr verleiht Cisco Schweiz die renommierten Partner Awards in verschiedenen Kategorien. In einem anspruchsvollen Marktumfeld konnten sich die ausgezeichneten Firmen mit innovativen Lösungen und dank hervorragender Zusammenarbeit als führende Unternehmen im ICT-Markt positionieren. Aufgrund der strengen Auswahlkriterien sind die Cisco Partner Awards mehr als nur eine Anerkennung für erstklassige Leistungen: Für Entscheidungsträger im Bereich IT bedeutet der Preis auch eine nützliche und anerkannte Orientierungshilfe bei der Auswahl von Netzwerk-Business-Partnern.

Bilder vom Swiss Partner Day 2008

Folgende Firmen werden mit einem Cisco Partner Award ausgezeichnet:

Swiss Partner Awards of the Year 2008
Getronics (Schweiz) AG

Unified Communications Partner of the Year 2008

Getronics Switzerland

The winner focuses clearly on Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Unified Contact Center Solutions. They have an outstanding reputation for innovative application development and an ability to establish close relationships with their customers. Based on their customized solutions, this partner delivered another fantastic customer and business development in UC during FY08!


NextiraOne Schweiz GmbH

Security Partner of the Year 2008

NextiraOne Schweiz GmbH

The winner demonstrated a strong strategic focus and realized a substantial business in most Security disciplines. Such as: Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA), Integrated Services Router (ISR), Network Admission Control (NAC), Content Switching Module (CSM), Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis and Response Systems (CS MARS). They also showed a strong commitment and focus in Firewall Service Module (FWSM) technology.


AnyWeb AG

Mobility Partner of the Year 2008

AnyWeb AG

The winner launched the Public WLAN service in the trains between Zurich and Bern. This is why SBBs first class passengers now can connect to the internet and their corporate network at broadband speed via Public WLAN. Modern mobile devices (notebooks, smart phones, etc.) do connect to the mobile hotspot, without any additional tools or equipment.


IBM Schweiz AG

Gold Partner of the Year 2008

IBM (Schweiz) AG

The winner doubled their existing business with Cisco. Not only in traditional Routing & Switching but also in UC and Datacenter Technologies. They demonstrated outstanding commitment and a strong engagement on all organizational levels.


ECONIS AG Switzerland

Silver Partner of the Year 2008

ECONIS AG Switzerland

During FY08 the winner demonstrated a strong revenue growth and some very dedicated Advanced Technology (AT)-Wins. Based on their technology and vertical expertise they are a trusted advisors for many well known Swiss companies. In addition they successfully offer Managed Security Services(MSS), based on Cisco (and other) security technology.


PC-WARE Systems (Schweiz) AG

Premier Partner of the Year 2008

PC-WARE Systems (Schweiz) AG

The winner went through an amazing development in FY08. They grew their business significantly and were pioneers with new products such as SmartCare. In addition they engaged heavily with our developer teams and provided very valuable feedback improving new solutions.


Clounet AG

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Partner of the Year 2008

Clounet Switzerland

The winner has a very strong focus on customer satisfaction. As this is a key differentiator in their business model they have achieved an outstanding score of 4.91 (out of 5.0)! This means that the winner have outperformed by far the other partners’ rankings and proofed strongest dedication to their customers.


Orange Business Services

Service Provider Partner of the Year 2008

Orange Business Services

The winner proofed outstanding performance and overall achievements in developing their core business. With their engagement they successfully closed large outsourcing deals! Not only is the growth of their absolute business number but also their phenomenal year over year growth rate in FY08 a truly outstanding achievement. At the same time they were fostering and further developing their unparalleled and professional customer relationship management.



Solution Partner of the Year 2008

Bucher & Suter AG

The winner is a well known Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCC) partner in Switzerland as well as in Central Europe. Their unique expertise in the UCC market is based on dozens of installations. Additionally the winner has high level development skills and a of OEM products. Furthermore they are actively promoting the UCC topics in the market as well as at dedicated events.


Netcloud AG

Services Partner of the Year 2008

Netcloud Switzerland

The winner showed outstanding performance in their Services Metrics. They were top ranking with renewals and conversions of Services Sale year over year. With this the winner shows how important services business is for their company strategy! In addition they have heavily been supporting us to improve our service processes and tools!


KeyNet AG

Select Partner of the Year 2008

KeyNet AG

The winner has shown a high dedication to Cisco throughout the years! Their go to market strategy is heavily building on “solution-led-selling”. This is how they have become the trusted advisor for their customers. The winner has been a key contributor to Cisco's success in the SMB, Public and Mid Market Sector during FY08.


BT Global Services

Managed Services Partner of the Year 2008

BT Global Services

The winner is very innovative in globally providing Managed Services to large international businesses. One of the latest examples of their Managed Services offering capabilities was demonstrated by providing Cisco TelePresence solution as an international Managed Intercompany Service Offering. This also included a concierge service as well as the interoperability with the customers’ traditional (legacy) conferencing service.


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Innovation Award of the Year 2008

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Based on Cisco’s Network Admission Control (NAC) solution the winner did implement a secure wireless infrastructure and turned the City of Zürich into a huge hot spot. Not only this – the winner has also been able to show innovation at a very high level in another customer case. Regardless of the access technologies (EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, WLAN, SAT) the mobile crew equipped with a terminal were able to securely connect to their company network without accessing the internet.


EMC Computer Systems AG

Data Center Award of the Year 2008

EMC Computer Systems AG

EMC convinced numerous customers to build their future on Cisco Data Center Technology. They were able to convince those customers during highly competitive evaluations. Very innovative solutions consisting of SAN Encryption and fabric based storage services are implemented today due to their engagement. A very dedicated, committed and aligned sales force with a solid Data Center partner landscape has been developed.