Cisco Medical-Grade Network

End-to-End Healthcare Framework

Cisco Medical-Grade Network facilitates and integrates diverse business and clinical communications throughout the continuum of care. The network supports:

  • Communication needs for clinicians, patients, administrators, and partners
  • Regulatory requirements for patient privacy and data security
  • The unique information, technology, bandwidth, and integration challenges of healthcare
  • Anytime, anywhere information capture and access for wired and wireless applications and devices
  • Converged data, voice, and video networks
  • Identity and policy-based security from inside the network to beyond organizational walls
  • Transfer and storage of the large amounts of data created by healthcare applications

Solution Overviews


Relevant Solution Products

  • Storage Networking
    Store X-rays and other patient data securely with Cisco storage networking solutions.
  • Voice and Unified Communications
    Streamline processes by integrating solutions to improve communication, mobility, and collaboration.
  • Wireless
    Improve patient care and response times through secure access to network resources and applications from any location.
  • Security
    Simplify and automate security management operations, including configuration, monitoring, analysis, and response.
  • Video and Content Delivery
    Provide instant communication between clinicians to improve collaboration and patient care.

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