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Grow Your Pipeline! Learn how to apply financing to your business everyday. Cisco Capital offers easy to follow training modules including VoDs, interactive eLearning modules and live WebEx sessions. Below is your roadmap to success.

Why is Financing Important

Below is our suggested Training Roadmap for you to follow. Each VoD, eLearning module or WebEx session can be watched/taken separately or in the order as shown.

Financing Fundamentals Next Sales Strategy Next Offers, Programs & Process Next CIO Objection Handling

Financing Trends VoD by Joe Pucciarelli, IDC


Financing 101 VoD by Jon Fales, The Alta Group

Cisco Capital CIO Objection Handing: The Principles of Financing v1.0
  Close More Deals with Cisco Capital

Financing Cisco Architectures


Focus on the Financial Architecture


“Changing the Conversation” with Cisco Capital by Jim Melillo, Executive Conversation


Sales Strategy VoD by Mark Smith, Alttitude Limited

  Guide to Selling Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment   Cisco Capital CIO Objection Handling: It's a Jungle Out There v1.0
Cisco Capital CIO Objection Handling: Clearance Sale v1.0
Cisco Capital CIO Objection Handling: Back in Time v1.0

Secrets to Success: Cisco Capital Financing Series: Where you'll discover how financing from Cisco Capital can drive profitably and success to your business.

  • Part 1: Secrets from an Expert
    Gain basic knowledge you need to grow and accelerate your customer's technology sales opportunities, including understanding the value captive financing can play in your business, learn the secrets of controlling your footprint, gain tips on how to expand your addressable market, and strengthen your value proposition.
  • Part 2: Secrets to a Successful CFO Meeting
    Hear tips and secrets to prepare you to have a successful meeting with your customer's CFO or Financial Decision Maker. We will help you to sell more by changing the conversation with the CFO, find out how CFO's think and what is important to them, gain valuable insight into what's top of mind for today's Financial Decision Makers, understand current economic trends, and learn what external and internal factors are important to the CFO.

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