Protectlink Gateway Security Service

Protectlink Gateway Security Service

Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions

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Trend Micro ProtectLink Gateway Security Service

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Experience robust email and web security with your Cisco router or security appliance by requesting a 30-day trial for Cisco ProtectLink Gateway.

Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions: Overview

Your network security is in good hands with ProtectLink products. These security products work together with selected Cisco routers and security appliances so you don't need any additional hardware, and ProtectLink products are easy to deploy and manage across your network.

Each ProtectLink product addresses a specific security threat and as part of an overall security scheme provides layers of protection against different threats.

Cisco ProtectLink Gateway offers:

  • Comprehensive Email and Web Protection: Defending a business's email and web traffic at the Internet entry point, ProtectLink Gateway integrates powerful antispam, antiphishing, URL content filtering, and web-reputation assessment to block potential email and web-based attacks.
  • Easy Deployment: ProtectLink Gateway is a hosted service, which means that there are no additional hardware requirements. Setting up ProtectLink Gateway to work with your Cisco Small Business router or security product is a simple process.
  • Continuous Updates: Automatic and around-the-clock updates to threat information keep your network safeguarded against the latest email and web threats.
  • Workforce Enhancement: By using ProtectLink Gateway to restrict access to offensive or non-work-related websites, you can enforce web-usage policies to improve company productivity, reduce web-based threats, and conserve bandwidth.

Cisco ProtectLink Endpoint offers:

  • Virus, Spyware, and Web Protection: Protect desktops, laptops, and servers located in or out of the office from viruses, spyware, or other web threats without running software on a server.
  • Enforce Company Policy Compliance: Built-in policy enforcement on the router or security appliance restricts users from Internet access if their desktop security is not current and active.
  • Continuous Updates: Automatic and around-the-clock updates to threat information keep your network safeguarded against the latest email and web threats.
  • Minimal Administration: With continuous updates and consolidated reporting, administration is easy and minimal.

Spend your time building a successful business. Leave your network security to Cisco.

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Price and Buy

Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions Video

Find out how this Cisco ProtectLink Gateway can help secure your business. (2:33 min)

Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions: Features

ProtectLink Gateway features include:

Email spam blocking

  • In-the-cloud protection to block spam email before it reaches your network, servers, and computers
  • Three-step protection: sender reputation, threat scanning, and content filtering
  • Antivirus functionality to stop viruses and other threats
  • Antiphishing functionality to prevent outside attempts to mine the private data of your business and employees

Website/URL content filtering

  • Selection of more than 80 categories of unproductive or inappropriate website types to block (for example, adult, gambling, social networking)
  • Useful for enforcing your company's Internet usage policy
  • Helps increase employee productivity by stopping bandwidth waste

Web threat protection

  • Helps protect your employees and business by blocking access to known malicious websites
  • Lets you monitor acceptable websites that may have become infected with spyware

ProtectLink Endpoint features include:

  • Antivirus functionality to stop viruses and other threats
  • POP-3 antispam blocking
  • Web threat protection against malware and phishing attacks
  • Policy enforcement restricts Internet access if system not in compliance

ProtectLink Gateway and ProtectLink Endpoint both feature:

  • Continuous automated updates from Trend Micro help safeguard your business from the newest email and web threats
  • Annual service licenses for 5 and 25 users can be combined to fit your small businesses from 5 to 100 users

Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions: Models

Models & Usage

Number of Included User Licenses*


ProtectLink Endpoint 5-Seat Incremental 1-Year.



ProtectLink Endpoint 25-seat Incremental 3-year.



ProtectLink Endpoint 25-Seat Incremental 1-Year.



ProtectLink Endpoint 5-seat Incremental 3-year.



ProtectLink Gateway: Unlimited Web + 100 Max Email Seats,1YR.



ProtectLink Gateway: Unlimited Web + 100 Max Email Seats,3YR.



ProtectLink Gateway: Unlimited Web + 25 Max Email Seats,1YR.



ProtectLink Gateway: Unlimited Web + 25 Max Email Seats,3YR.



ProtectLink Web: Unlimited Web Threat + URL Filtering,1YR.



ProtectLink Web: Unlimited Web Threat + URL Filtering,3YR.



IPS License for SA500 devices, 1 year.



IPS License for SA500 devices, 3 year.



eDelivery SSL VPN License Upgrade to 25 Seats - SA520,SA520W.


Cisco ProtectLink Security Solutions: Resources

Data Sheets

Cisco ProtectLink Gateway (PDF - 220 KB)

Cisco ProtectLink Endpoint (PDF - 266 KB)

Technical Documentation

Maintain and Operate Guides (Administration and User Guides)


Small Business Support Community


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