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Network infrastructures have traditionally been created with purpose-built components and solutions. These components and solutions were optimized for their intended performance, such as speed, bandwidth, threat handling, or service deployment. They effectively provide the necessary connectivity and network services to run the business.

Today, however, we have the Internet of Everything. The number of devices, clouds, and items connected to the network are expected to increase greatly. To help your enterprise overcome the impending complexity and promote business growth, you must start simplifying your network infrastructure now.

Delivery and orchestration of network services must work on a larger scale but be simple enough for rapid deployment. Instead of operating the enterprise network infrastructure on a device by device basis, the infrastructure should beaccessed through a centralized point of control. IT should adopt a more automated provisioning model of the entire network as single entity to quickly respond to new growth opportunities.

The Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) Enterprise Networks Architecture can help.

Capture New Business Opportunities

The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture transforms IT through an open, programmable, and application-centric platform. This architecture helps you take advantage of new business opportunities through:

  • Connected mobile experiences
  • Cloud services
  • User-developed applications

You can increase business agility and quickly deploy advanced services through superior network programmability. This architecture also helps protect your existing network investment because it is built with a comprehensive and industry-leading portfolio for:

  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Mobility
  • Security

BYOD and Mobility

Turn the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend and mobility into a competitive advantage. Give employees tools and applications to improve their own performance. Provide a superior mobile experience for your customers, deepen customer loyalty, and increase profitability.

Managed Cloud Services

Enhance the application experience of your private, hybrid, and public cloud deployments. Use the intelligent capabilities of the network to improve cloud service and application delivery.

Optimal Application Experiences

Give users a highly secure connection to applications anywhere. Application-centric networking reduces bandwidth consumption, lowers latency, and simplifies management.

Connected Mobile Experiences

Better connect with customers and enhance their experience. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences use advanced mobile capabilities and location-based services.

IT Simplicity and Programmability

Engage customers and facilitate purchasing through new applications and services. Open APIs and programmability help provide extensive access to network resources across the wider enterprise.

Increasing IT Business Impact

See how IT can align network strategies to meet business requirements.

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Reinvent Network Access

Combine wireless, wired, and security technologies in a Unified Access systems approach.

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