Presentations and Recordings

Topic Speaker Presentation Recording
What is the Internet of Everything? Kevin Bloch,
Chief Technology Officer,
Australia and New Zealand
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What is the Internet of Everything's Relevance to Businesses, Technology Innovation and NetAcad Students? Aamer Azeemi
Managing Director
IOE Practice
Cisco Consulting Services, APJC
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The Internet of Everything - Cloud and Mobility Applications Timothy Smith,
General Manager,
Smart Solutions
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Smart Connected Sports and Entertainment Nick Ritsinias
Customer Solutions Architect
Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group
Asia Pacific, Japan and China,
Cisco Systems
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Smart Connected Industries Douglas Bellin
Senior Manager, Industrial
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Technology Innovation and the Internet of Everything Manjula Talreja
VP Global Cloud Practice,
Cisco Consulting Services
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Smart Connected Communities Jared Danaraj
IoE Business Development
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Internet of Everything in Healthcare: The Paradigm Shift Aditi Ravindra
Program Manager,
Global Healthcare Solutions Unit
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Protecting the Internet of Everything From Smarter, Shadier And Stealthier Attacks Joshua McCloud
Security Architect
APAC Government
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Connecting your Future to the Internet of Everything. Dave West
Chief Technology Officer,
Systems Engineering and
Architectures, APJC
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The Internet Of Everything and Education Dr. Dennis Frezzo
Senior Manager Simulation,
Game, and
Mobile Engineering team
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