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The Cisco Communication Makeover

The Cisco Communications Makeover
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Thank you for taking part in the recent Cisco Communication Makeover competition.

The competition attracted great interest and worthy entries from hundreds of high-quality businesses from across Australia.

This made the final selection of our winning entries extremely challenging for the judges. Unfortunately on this occasion yours was not one of our winning entries.

Congratulations to the winners of the $50,000 Cisco Communication Makeover competition:

  • Nudie (NSW)
  • SDN Children's Services (NSW)
  • Streetscape Projects (NSW)
  • Bolwell Select (VIC)
  • Financial Freedom (VIC)
  • Deluxe Freight Systems (QLD)
  • CQ Friendly Society (QLD)
  • Kitchen Warehouse (WA)
  • Fusion (SA)

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