Cisco Stand Demonstrations

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Cisco Stand Demonstrations

You can't miss it. It's the largest booth in the World of Solutions. If you have a question about a Cisco solution, find out more about a specific technology, view the latest Cisco innovations in action or discover new advancements you weren't even aware of, the Cisco Stand is the place to visit. You'll have the unique opportunity to experience Cisco in a single, integrated journey plus speak with Cisco representatives from a wide spectrum of specialisations.


Cisco Collaboration Experience - The Future is Here!

Two years ago Cisco began a journey of reimagining the future of Collaboration. With Cisco undertaking its largest ever refresh of its Collaboration portfolio and announcing significant industry innovations that are priced to scale, the future is now here and will be on show at Cisco Live Melbourne. In the World of Solutions, Cisco will be showcasing its new portfolio, from the next generation immersive TelePresence to the latest in its peerless team collaboration software.

At Cisco Live Melbourne the key focus areas in the World of Solutions will be:

Collaborative Work Spaces**
Technology is transforming who we are able to work with and how we work with them, so it can no longer be considered an afterthought when designing the workplace. At Cisco Live Melbourne, you'll learn how to assess your space for technology and how to incorporate technology into your re-designed workspace, optimise collaborative video technology tools in today's office environments and maximise return on those investments.

The New Meeting Experience - Better than being there**
Strengthen business relationships with Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR). Enable everyone to meet using virtually any device, for a business-quality video collaboration experience that combines video, voice and content sharing technologies. CMR brings together Cisco’s industry-leading video conferencing infrastructure and proven, scalable, WebEx cloud conferencing services to deliver an exceptional meeting experience. With CMR you can host video-optimised meetings, available to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Our new Project Squared (new name to be announced at Cisco Live Melbourne) is a new innovation from Cisco, built from the ground up for mobile devices. Project Squared is the place teams work together, where their work lives, and how they stay connected to it all. It's like a virtual conference room, created for all your teams with everything everyone needs to do their best work, together. Rooms available for everyone.

Immersive Collaboration - IX5000**
The new IX5000 is a state-of-the-art, triple-screen system that combines high-fidelity audio and video with collaboration functionality for the most vivid immersive collaboration experience today. It is the market’s first single-codec, H.265 triple-screen product.

The IX5000 is efficient, requiring no room remediation and reducing power consumption, installation time, and bandwidth utilisation by 50 percent. The system is designed for high value and flexibility for deployment beyond the boardroom.

MX800 - Simple, affordable and delightful
Cisco is making user experience delightful and collaboration more simple than ever before. Using MX800 in your workplace contributes to making video more accessible. Video places people at the centre of the collaboration experience. It empowers them to work together in new ways to transform business, accelerate innovation, and do more with less. Its next-generation interaction, where everyone, everywhere can be face-to-face and more effective. It’s time to get back to face-to-face.

Contact Centre**
The Contact Centre is often the interface for an organisation with their customer base and heavily impacts their brand and image. The Contact Centre demonstration showcases the Supervisor and Agent experience, how to intelligently manage the omni-channel experience and Cisco’s advanced integrated reporting capabilities.

Multi Channel Customer Interaction
The solution integrates JiveX Online Community with Real Time Analytics and Mobile Advisor to deliver Customer Experience that seamlessly spans the interaction from Social Community to Web Portal to Contact Centre Agent providing 360 degree view of the customer and deep customer insights and enabling innovative collaboration capabilities such as Video, Screen Share/Co-browse and Document Push

Virtual Whiteboard Solution + Customer Experience Solutions**
The Cisco Virtual Whiteboard service is an on premise solution that enables your workforce to collaborate among themselves, or with partners and customers using only a Web browser - no download required. Users can work concurrently and in real time to create, annotate, draw and edit on the whiteboard or on imported content and “sticky notes”. Using the touch panels, collaborators can draw free hand drawings, bring in various multi-media attachments including - PowerPoint, PDF, Video and Sticky Notes.

Also on show is Cisco Mobile Advisor which integrates video - and the ability to find, connect and collaborate with an expert - with your existing mobile applications. This enables your customers to initiate personal interactions with in-house experts at the touch of a button.

Enterprise Networks

Intelligent Branch, Optimise and Secure - Path Control and Security**
Whether using MPLS, the Internet, cellular or a hybrid WAN access model, learn how to create intelligent WAN deployments to free up resources for new, innovative business services.

802.11ac Wave2 Infrastructure - Multigigabit Ethernet NBASE-T Technology**
Deliver high-bandwidth 802.11ac wave 2 wireless over existing category 5e cabling infrastructure with Cisco multigigabit switching.

Intelligent Branch: Application Experience - Optimisation and Visibility**
Quickly roll out bandwidth-intensive applications locally on the router, while optimising the WAN with granular visibility and control and delivering content more efficiently through WAN optimisation.

Intelligent Branch: Compute and Storage - Applications on Cisco UCS E-Series**
The Cisco Connected Branch-Office-in-a-Box provides access to the WAN and the Internet, enabling LAN connectivity between local devices and hosting applications at the lean branch office.

Next-Generation Workspace - Cisco Instant Access and VSS**
>Simplify campus network deployments and operations with Instant Access and the Virtual Switching System, which provide IPv4/v6 feature consistency and AVC support.

Wired and Wireless Convergence - Cisco Unified Access**
Deliver simplified secure access and enhanced user experience with Cisco Unified Access, which provides converged wired and wireless access.

Deliver High-Performance Wireless - 802.11ac and Wi-Fi Innovations for High-Density Environments**
Optimise WLAN performance with 802.11ac and other Wi-Fi innovations designed for high-density environments.

Application Infrastructure Controller - Enterprise Module
Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises great improvements in network agility, ease of deployment and manageability. Ultimately, it can lower your cost of operations. The key to realising the benefits of SDN is policy model that allows the abstraction of the underlying complexity of network elements. In this model, the controller is responsible for translating business intent (expressed through policy) into network configuration.

Learn how the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module enables a policy based approach to the operation of enterprise networks that extends the policy model from the Data Centre to the end user. Industry experts will share their real-world experiences and demonstrate multiple solutions across the data centre, WAN and access domains as well with third party ecosystem development partners. This will help you formulate your own SDN strategy. The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM) extends Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to the WAN and access edge. ACI is a holistic architecture for centralised automation of policy-based application profiles. Through programmability, automated network control helps IT rapidly respond to new business opportunities.

Cisco Meraki - Wireless, Switching, MDM
Meraki, Cisco’s cloud managed IT solution, makes network management radically simple. Experience it yourself. Take the Meraki Challenge for a chance to win an Apple or Android smart watch. See Meraki demos, highlighting CMX Location Analytics, application visibility and control and mobile device management.

Data Centre and Virtualisation

Next Generation Compute - UCS Management**
Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) represents a radical simplification of traditional architectures, dramatically reducing the number of devices organisations must purchase, deploy, and maintain. Cisco UCS delivers end-to-end optimisation for virtualised environments while retaining the ability to support traditional OS and application stacks in physical environments. See how Cisco’s primary differentatiors are stateless servers, logical server mobility and independence from hardware-based identifiers.

Hybrid/Private Cloud - Cisco Intercloud Fabric
Businesses can build highly secure hybrid clouds and extend your existing data centre to public clouds as needed, on demand, and with consistent network and security policies. The Cisco Intercloud demonstration gives a business example showing how ABC Corporation, with engineering and marketing organisations, leverages the public cloud. The example examines the critical production workloads in the enterprise data centre, use of Amazon for test workloads and Azure for development workloads.

Next Generation Networks - Service Insertion with Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)**
Accelerate your network, security and services provisioning to increase application delivery and the agility of your data centre and business. ACI provides policy-based configuration of network devices, firewalls, application delivery controllers and more to simplify IT processes and reduce data centre complexity, this demonstration will show how ACI’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) controller automates the provisioning of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls and Application Delivery Controllers in support of data centre application policies and networks.

Next Generation Networks - Multi-Hypervisor Integration with ACI
Extend the efficiencies of the policy based model the all infrastructure, including multi-hypervisor, include VMWare, Hyper-V and Openstack. This demonstration will give an example of how the using the policy-based configuration to deploy an application across multiple hypervisors and bare metal servers in the same consistent and integrated approach.

Next Generation Compute - Edge Scale Compute**
The new and easy way to grow and manage multiple UCS domains across Data Centre, simplifies management and reduces complexity for both new and existing UCS deployments for deployment in the branch and the edge of your network representing the newest and easiest way to grow and manage multiple UCS domains, including The New UCS Mini. Though this demonstration we will show how to manage multiple UCS domains through a single management interface, policy-driven management and Multi-domain fault information consolidated in to one interface.

Hybrid/Private Cloud - UCS Director
Cisco’s multi-vendor, multi-protocol integrated infrastructure solution that provides unified management of the industry’s leading converged infrastructures from a single pane-of-glass. Cisco UCS Director is targeted towards the IT administrator responsible for provisioning infrastructure assets and for end users to be able to provision infrastructure assets to IT’s governance and policies. This demonstration will go through examples of using a Self Service Portal to leverage Integrated Infrastructure Service Catalogue and the task library with over 400+ out-of-the-box tasks to build automated workflows.


Trustsec and BYOD with Cisco ISE 1.3**
Working with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), the demonstration shows how Cisco TrustSec® lets you erase the complexity of VLANs, access control lists (ACLs), and firewall rules and manage secure unified access through simplified policy-based segmentation. Cisco ISE 1.3 has simplified, self-service guest access and device on-boarding for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs as well as integration with Cisco FireSIGHT products for increased visibility into threats.

Cisco Email Security Appliance **
Cisco Email Security stops emerging blended threats and targeted email attacks with an industry-leading approach to blocking unwanted messages, catching advanced malware and disarming malicious links.

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) also includes Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Cisco AMP on WSA includes file reputation scoring and blocking, file behavioural analysis, and retrospective alerting. The WSA now also integrates with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) in order to leverage the breadth of control and data collection to drive web policy.

Cisco ASA FirePOWER Services and AMP
Meet the industry’s first threat-focused Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services delivers integrated threat defence for the entire attack continuum which combines proven security capabilities of the Cisco ASA firewall with the industry-leading Sourcefire® threat and advanced malware protection in a single device. This solution delivers superior capability compared to competing NGFW solutions.

Data Centre Security Solutions**
The ASA security solutions for data centres provide a rich portfolio of firewall, remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) capabilities. It extends from the virtual ASAv platform, to the ASA 5585-X which provides multi-DC, highly scalable 16-node clustering - now with integrated FirePOWER NGIPS and Sourcefire threat and advanced malware protection (AMP) services. Cisco's ASA solutions are purpose-built to secure any data centre environment, including traditional data centre deployments, Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments. The new ASA Device Package provides a seamless integration of our appliances with the Cisco APIC and ACI fabric.

Cisco Cloud Web Security**
Cloud Web Security (CWS) extends web protection with superior deployment flexibility and lower costs than on-premises products. This demonstration includes the new features on Cisco CWS: Cisco Advanced Malware Protection and Cognitive Threat Analytics for detection and threat blocking.

Cyber Threat Defence**
Cisco's Cyber Threat Defence (CTD) Solution uses NetFlow behaviour analytics uses network telemetry to identify advanced threats inside the network. CTD includes ISE, ASA and Lancope StealthWatch.


Experience live demonstrations on Network Compliance and Support, Smart Services, Energy Management and our new Connected Analytics suite. See how Data Centre and Security can help you optimise your IT investments through proactive and personalised support, see the latest in our Cloud solutions and a lot more, all on the Services stands.
Cybersecurity Decision Tree**

  • CyberSecurity Decision Tree. Cisco Cybersecurity Decision Tree assists organisations in deciding which security areas you should focus on and how Cisco can best assist in driving your desired outcome.
  • Managed Threat Defence (MTD) is a unique security service from Cisco that provides rapid detection and rapid response for known intrusions, “zero-day” attacks, and advanced persistent threats using sophisticated real-time, predictive analytics alongside a broad range of advanced security tools used by a global network of expertly staffed security operations centers.

Next Gen Capabilities for Energy**
Cisco Energy Management Suite reduces energy costs and optimise energy consumption in your data center and distributed offices with Cisco Energy Management Suite. Manage all of your network-connected devices - including PCs, phones, printers, monitors, virtual servers, and more - not just Cisco devices. And do it through the cloud and an easy-to-use web-based interface. Cisco Energy Management Cloud offers robust database, analytics, and reporting features from a single management pane.

IT Service Management
ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that seamlessly connects organisations to enable automated multi-party service collaboration.

Enabling Optimised Network Implementations**

  • Perform Risk-Free Network Analyses. Design, build, visualise, and launch virtual network simulations quickly and efficiently. Cisco Modeling Labs helps enable network change validation and acts as a test-bed for applications that work with the network. With its simple point-and-click interface, users can design or import a network topology and turn it into a virtual network within minutes.
  • Network Optimisation Service. The optimisation service maximises your network investment by providing technical leadership and professional services expertise, tools, and best practices to help you intelligently run your network for optimal performance.

Proactive Network Solution Support**

  • Smart Services. Complete network service coverage including asset management, automated installed base and contract management, device diagnostics, foundational technical services, network optimisation, proactive support and education management.
  • Compliance Management and Configuration Service automates and streamlines network configuration and compliance management.
  • Multi vendor solution support for ACI, DC, SAP Hana, Hosted Collaboration, Big Data, Mobility, Remote Expert and Contact Centre.

Data Centre: Enabling IT Transformation with Cloud Services**

  • Simplifying Infra deployment with Application Centre Infrastructure (ACI). Cisco’s ACI delivers a new model for deployment and operation of applications in the Data Centre. But is your organisation ready to capitalise on this exciting new opportunity? How do you integrate ACI with your current infrastructure and how do you migrate your current applications and services to the new model? Cisco Services can help you realise the full potential of ACI and get there faster.
  • Un-cover Shadow IT with Cisco Cloud Consumption Services. Are you concerned about shadow IT and un-authorised cloud usage in your enterprise? Gain visibility of your public cloud usage, costs and risk with Cisco Cloud Consumption Services. The transition to cloud has led to cloud services being used without the knowledge of IT and has led to prevalence of shadow IT. The increase of shadow IT presents new problems, including greater risks, increased costs, and challenges in governing new cloud vendors. Using the data from your network, we can help you find out what cloud services are being used by employees across your entire organisation. With Cisco Cloud Consumption Service you can know which public cloud services are being used in your business, establish better ways to manage cloud providers, and become more agile, reduce risks, and optimise your public cloud costs.
  • Cloud Automation and Orchestration with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite. Come see Cisco's private cloud software suite: Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud. Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud is a suite of software products that can help you implement automation in a modular manner to keep pace with your business priorities. Historically managing, deploying, and operating converged infrastructures has been simplified with Cisco tools like UCS Director which provisions storage, network and compute. However, this tool does not address non-IT user views, enterprise change management processes, organisational governance or services beyond IT such as HR as a Service etc. Cisco One Enterprise Cloud Suite provides industry leading Cisco Prime Portal and Service Catalog to deliver self-service, service lifecycle management, and business process approvals to make private cloud work. Wrapped in an offer from Cisco Services, our solution can deliver the business outcome you are looking to achieve. Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite provides the gateway to IT, integrating with corporate identity systems, and enforcing service policies, with Cisco Intelligent Automation (ACI) for Cloud providing a multi-cloud catalog and cross domain orchestration, and UCS Director providing repeatable and fast DC automation.

Private Cloud Services **
Cisco has launched a new Private Cloud as a Service called Cisco Private Cloud. Cisco Private Cloud delivers a public cloud experience on customer hardware behind the corporate firewall. Provided as a SaaS model, we offer full platform automation and orchestration coupled with cloud engineering and operations. Cisco Private Cloud is built upon Cisco award winning UCS, Nexus and ACI platforms, which provide unparalleled business agility. Come and learn how Cisco Private cloud can transform how you deliver technology services today whilst mitigating security, compliance and data sovereignty concerns.

Data Virtualisation
Fast-changing business conditions require agility; a difficult challenge in your distributed, on-premises, big data, and cloud environments. Cisco Data Virtualisation is our data integration software that makes it easy for you to access your data, no matter where it resides. With our integrated data platform, you can query all types of data across the network as if it is in a single place. Learn how Cisco Data Virtualisation can empower your people with instant access to all the data they want, the way they want it.

New Cisco Connected Analytics

  • Connected Analytics for Events (CAE)**. Is a cloud-based software subscription offering that delivers business and operational insight based on data and analytics from wireless networks installed in sports and entertainment venues. These insights help accelerate revenue growth, enhance fan experience, understand fan behaviour, improve advertising and promotion efforts, identify operational and security issues, and measure Wi-Fi network performance. Cisco CAE provides better control and visibility into fans, sponsors, and advertisers by harnessing the capabilities of Cisco’s sports and entertainment solutions.
  • Connected Analytics for Retail (CAR)**. Connected Analytics for Retail (CAR) is packaged analytics software and services that provide retailers with actionable insights on customer shopper behaviour and store operations, enabling you to improve your customers’ in store experience and boost store performance. Using data from sensors such as video, Wi-Fi, in-store location intelligence, and cart tags, CAR uses advanced data science and analytics techniques, generating fact based information at the right time. This helps buyers, merchandisers, marketers, and store management better understand shopper behaviour and derive actions to personalise the shopper experience, improve conversion, and increase sales. Analytics also provides insights on store operations that can optimise service levels at frontline checkout, and make sure of optimal staff utilisation for better return on investment.
  • Analytics for Network Deployment. This is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytic software solution that analyses service calls, device features and software, and configurations to enhance network readiness for complex services. Analytics for Network Deployment automates identification of network anomalies causing disruptions, benchmarks your network against your industry, reveals incident types and trends, and enhances network readiness for new services and technologies. By providing insight into your network operations, it helps you achieve your strategic business goals.
  • Analytics for Service Providers. This is a software and services bundle that combines big data analytics and Cisco expertise to transform large amounts of network and customer data into specific insights for service providers.

By analysing usage patterns and traffic trends and correlating network performance data with customer information such as customer profiles, location data and customer survey data, CASP equips you with knowledge on customer perception and quality of your services. With this information, you attain a 360° customer-centric view of your network services and can take a focused approach to improving service quality, customising your advertising, and upselling premium services to grow revenue. By providing real-time insights on network, customer, and business data, CASP helps you continuously promote innovation and make the best possible decisions.

Service Provider

Dynamic Service Composer (DSC)/Quantum Virtual Broadband Node (Q-vBN)
Network Functions Virtualisation;(NfV) orchestration, management and automation engine showcase for a virtualised CPE. Also, explore how Quantum Virtual Broadband Node (Q-vBN-a scalable residential broadband service-offers individual device management with cloud-based Quality of Service (QoS) that is accessible by home network environment

Cisco Network Service Orchestration (NCS)/WAN Automation Engine (WAE)
Learn how Evolved Services Platform delivers virtualised managed services while leveraging Software Defined Network (SDN)/ Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). See how service portal and orchestration automate service creation with broad Cisco and multivendor Virtualised Network Functions (VNFs). Also see what’s possible with enhanced visibility and control of the physical and virtual network infrastructure. Learn how an SDN-based WAN Automation Engine can abstract and simplify your WAN environment.

Cisco vRouter/EPN Access: Operational Simplicity and Network Programmability
Learn how the next phase in the evolution of router virtualisation increases agility and accelerates time-to-market. See the demo on how data plane Virtualised Provider Edge extends Carrier Ethernet and IP services virtualisation to the distributed cloud. See also, how SDN and End-to-End Provisioning reduce truck rolls, result in a fewer test sets in the field and increased reliability. Learn how programmable approach reduces OpEx and CapEx and provides faster ROI.

EPN Manager
Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager provides simplified, converged, end-to-end lifecycle management of carrier-grade networks of all sizes. It enables business agility and operational efficiencies through automated device operations, fast provisioning and proactive assurance. Service providers can quickly respond to major market transitions, including explosive traffic growth, new business models prompted by over-the-top (OTT) entrants, and packet optical network convergence. EPN Manager is designed with SDN, NFV and multilayer management in mind, and based on model-driven architecture with modularity, extensibility and flexibility.

Internet of Things (IoT)

City Infrastructure Manager**
Manage lighting, traffic, energy consumption; automatically detect security incidents, shorten response times, analyse data to reduce crime; Cisco City Infrastructure management solutions enable cities to deliver essential services to their constituents, in a cost effective and reliable solution.

Connected Grid Management**
The Connected Grid ensures energy providers and utility services have the means to manage and maintain the networks that deliver our energy. Plant routers for harsh, rugged, energy and utility industry environments. Enabling a highly secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure. Supports M2M applications and 3G wireless WAN services, for now and future needs.

Smart City Parking**
Live parking availability, relayed to citizens on web and mobiles; alerts to parking inspectors and operators; improve utilisation of parking assets; increase uptake of available parking spaces; improve quality of life in cities.The Cisco IoT technology enables Smart City applications that use varied wireless sensors and sensor technologies, even in harsh conditions.

Smart City Lighting and Traffic Control**
Live detection of traffic incidents; verification of incident type for response; analytics for planner increase overall efficiency of mobility for all traffic types.

IoT in Farming and Winery**
From grape to glass, the wine growing industry is undergoing a revolution in efficiency and quality management. Cisco IoT technology applied to farming, is transforming the industry: field process analytics; manufacturing automation and process control; safety and security in the factory and field; distribution automation, communications and control; plus analytics of manufacturing operations.

IoT in Enterprise
Transportation, farming, manufacturing, water, waste, and energy management:  these industries are being transformed by The Internet of Things, enabling better visibility, control and efficiency of processes and equipment in the field. Cisco's IoE solutions lead the way.

Internet of Everything (IoE)

IoE in Security**
At work and in public, personal safety is critical. Ensuring your personal safety requires the integration of many systems and services. Cisco's Video Surveillance and Integrated Security Systems provide the means to identify, locate and track suspicious people and items, even in crowded areas.…Who's watching your back?

IoE in Data Centre
Big data, data lakes, clouds; how do you manage all this data, to extract the real Information you need, quickly and cheaply, when and where you need it?  Cisco Data Virtualisation and Data Analytics technologies deliver the right data when you need it.

Business Internals

Cisco Powered and Intercloud
Cisco Powered services are based on a best-in-class portfolio of flexible and scalable solutions designed to minimise the complexity of the entire technology lifecycle. They result in faster adoption, higher productivity, and more reliable operation. Cloud providers offering Cisco Powered services must undergo a rigorous certification and a third-party audit of their solutions to verify their services deliver superior levels of service, security, and 24/7 support. Many of these Cisco Powered providers are partnering with Cisco to build the Intercloud-a globally connected network of clouds. The Intercloud gives you greater choice of providers and services with local and global compliance and control. Demand more from your cloud services. Learn how to chose the right service for your workloads at the Cisco Powered Cloud Theaterette in the World of Solutions.

Inside Cisco IT
Take a look inside Cisco’s Internal IT Organisation.
Take a look inside Cisco IT. Find out how Cisco addresses many of the same IT challenges you face every day. Benefit from practical experience and lessons learned deploying Cisco products and technologies in a global enterprise infrastructure. See how these solutions help to implement strategies that get results.

Because IT is instrumental in turning company business strategies into reality, IT professionals need information that helps them plan and develop successful technology deployments. Through success stories and other resources, you’ll get practical information about Cisco IT's own deployments. Find out how these network solutions are yielding productivity gains, cost savings, and other business benefits.

“A key competitive advantage for Cisco is how we use our own technology to drive productivity”.
John Chambers, Chairman and CEO

Learning @ Cisco
Learning@Cisco addresses the need for technical talent worldwide for Cisco customers, partners, and network professionals by providing the educational training, certifications, social communities, knowledge systems, and consulting services necessary to accelerate productivity, opportunity, and growth and to recruit, train and evolve talent. Learning@Cisco drives the talent development needed to evolve the workforce of today to meet the demands of tomorrow, and to close the global networking skills talent gap.

From award-winning certifications and training to the first social learning community, the Cisco Learning Network, and state-of-the-art technology games, Learning@Cisco helps the world master the language of the network.

Virtual Internet Routing Lab

Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is a comprehensive network design and simulation platform. Used by Cisco engineers across the company, VIRL is now available to you too! VIRL provides the sandbox where you can prototype, debug, study using your latest network configuration scripts and tools. Network virtualisation - because breaking the simulator is free.

* Please note technology demonstrations are subject to change
** If you are a midsize business or a midmarket organisation, the demonstrations marked with asterisks (**) are applicable to you. Talk with the demo representative to learn how these Cisco solutions can help your midsize business thrive.

John Chambers Invite

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO invites you to join us at Cisco live AU 2014, San Francisco, California, May 18-22, 2014.