Meet the Expert

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Meet the Expert

You've read their books, used their code, and deployed their technology, now you can meet them live!

Cisco Live's 'Meet The Expert' program takes place in the World of Solutions and allows you to connect with the Cisco Live speakers who design and develop Cisco solutions. This is a face-to-face opportunity to find out WHY Cisco solutions work the way they do - and to gain expert perspective and insight on troubleshooting your unique challenges.

It's simple! Pick your Expert based on their technical specialty - greet, meet, whiteboard and walk away! Your exclusive one-on-one session will leave you with the know-how to implement solutions in your own business to maximise efficiency and extend your network's capabilities. Meetings can be booked at the event in the World of Solutions - be sure to book in early before we reach capacity!

John Chambers Invite

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO invites you to join us at Cisco live AU 2014, San Francisco, California, May 18-22, 2014.