Walk-in Self-Paced Labs

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Walk-in Self-Paced Labs

Cisco Live's Walk-in Self-Paced (WISP) Labs provide attendees with a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience on a variety of products and solutions from Cisco. These labs are designed to give a full experience by not only allowing attendees to work through a 30-60 minute pre-designed scenario but also by allowing you to explore full configurations or features of those products This hands-on lab allows you to explore and test some of the latest products at your own pace. Labs include CCIE practice exams, SSL VPN, TelePresence, and Data Centre Fabric Path.

This year we will also be providing the opportunity to run through select labs with an instructor. The Instructor Labs will require attendees to register for these sessions as space will be limited. Please click here to book a proctor led lab.

The 2014 proctor led lab options are:

Session ID Title
LABDC-3210 Application Policy Enforcement using APIC
LABSEC-2630 IPSec with FlexVPN
LABSEC-2800 Sourcefire Overview
LABSEC-2940 IPV6 Network Threat Defence
LACCCT-1540-1 Hosted Collaboration Solution (Part 1)
LACCCT-1540-2 Hosted Collaboration Solution (Part 2)
LACCCT-1920 Prime Collaboration
LTRCRS-2940-1 Converged Access Lab (Part 1)
LTRCRS-2940-2 Converged Access Lab (Part 2)
LTRCRS-3083 Instant Access
LTRSPG-2960 Deploying Cloud Service Router CSR 1000v

The 2014 Walk-in Self-Paced lab options are:

Session ID Title Time (mins) Level
LABCCI-1460 MPLS - LDP TETE FRR 180 Advanced
LABCCI-1550 MP-BGP (Intra & Inter) AS VPN v4 180 Advanced
LABCCIE-2000 CCIE Routing and Switching - BGP Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2001 CCIE Routing and Switching - OSPF Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2002 CCIE Routing and Switching - MPLS/VPN Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2003 CCIE Routing and Switching - CCIE Troubleshooting Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2004 CCIE Routing and Switching - EIGRP Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2005 CCIE Routing and Switching - IPv6 Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCCIE-2006 CCIE Routing and Switching - EIGRP OTP Practice Lab 60 Advanced
LABCOL-1290 Prime Collaboration Manager - Provisioning and Assurance Manager 180 Basic
LABCOL-1380 Cisco Communications Manager 10 Advanced 180 Advanced
LABCOL-1470 Jabber for Windows 9.6 180 Intermediate
LABCOL-1560 UCCX Bootcamp 180 Basic / Intermediate
LABCOL-1640 WebEx Meeting Server - On Premises 180 Intermediate
LABCOL-1730 Basic Unified Communications Manager v10 Deployment 180 Basic / Intermediate
LABDCT-1280 UCS Director 45 Intermediate
LABDCT-1340 Cisco ONE - Slicing and Forwarding 120 Intermediate
LABDCT-1460 XNC Monitor Manager 90 Intermediate
LABDCT-1540 DCV Fabric Path 120 Intermediate
LABENI-1180 IPV6 Addressing 30 Basic
LABENI-1260 Static Routing in IPV6 30 Basic
LABENI-1340 Neighbour Discovery in IPV6 30 Basic
LABENI-1450 HSRPv6 & EIGRPv6 30 Intermediate
LABENI-1540 Configuring OSPFv3 30 Intermediate
LABENI-1630 Configuring BGP for IPV6 30 Intermediate
LABSEC-1280 FlexVPN in Practice 45 Intermediate
LABSEC-1360 Sourcefire (dCloud) 30 Basic
LABSEC-1440 Firewall Architectures (ASA Clustering) 120 Intermediate
LABSEC-1520 Cisco Cyber Threat Defence (dCloud) 45 Intermediate
LABSPA-1280 ASR9000 - Advanced Capabilities 180 Advanced
LABSPI-1190 IPv6 for Service Provider 180 Intermediate
LABSPI-1370 IS-IS OSPF BGP Unicast - IPv4/IPv6 180 Advanced
LABSPL-1240 LISP Deployment Lab 60 Intermediate
LABSPL-1350 GETVPN+LISP Lab 60 Intermediate
LABSPM-1120 Cisco Modelling Lab 30 Intermediate
LABSPM-1720 Cisco MATE Network Visibility Solution 60 Intermediate
LABSPR-1660 Segment Routing v2 Lab 60 Intermediate
LABSPS-1460 Cisco ASR 9000 Network Virtualisation (nV) Technology Lab 30 Intermediate
LTRRST-2050 Medianet Performance Monitor and Media Trace Lab 60 Intermediate
LTRRST-2051 Flexible Netflor QuickStart 60 Intermediate
LTRRST-2053 Medianet Flow Metadata 60 Intermediate