Technical Education Program

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Technical Education Program

Year after year, thousands of people make it a priority to participate in Cisco Live's Technical Education.

Technical Education at Cisco Live makes it easy to get the education and training you need to address your specific challenges. The program is organised into distinct technology tracks focused on core technical education. You can create an agenda that gives you in-depth exposure to a single topic, or you can attend sessions in multiple tracks for a cross-discipline approach. Each track offers an array of coursework addressing technology topics that are critical to helping businesses collaborate, innovate, and thrive today and in the future. In addition to exploring new ideas, established best practices, and emerging technologies, you'll have the chance to earn the Cisco certifications that demonstrate your skill and initiative.

Whatever your interests and educational priorities, Technical Education offers the insight, information, and training to help you advance your career, help your employer make smarter use of budget and resources and communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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