NetVet Recognition Program

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NetVet Recognition Program

NetVets play a unique role in the Cisco Live community. As long-time attendees of Cisco Live and Networkers events, they have a unique perspective - one that makes them a valuable resource to their fellow attendees and for Cisco itself.

If you have attended at least three of the past five Networkers or Cisco Live Melbourne events in Australia (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 making Cisco Live 2015 your fourth event), you're eligible for NetVet status.

Cisco Live NetVets deserve special treatment, so we invite our NetVets to enjoy the exclusive entitlements onsite at Cisco Live 2015.

Please note that if you have notified the Cisco Live team that you are a NetVet during your 2015 registration process, you will be provided with your NetVet entitlements on site at the registration desk.

For NetVets, Cisco Live is more than a conference. It's a tradition. Be sure to claim your NetVet status at registration and take advantage of the available benefits that can make your Cisco Live experience even better.

Please contact Registration Support on +61 2 8908 5644 for further information.

John Chambers Invite

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO invites you to join us at Cisco live AU 2014, San Francisco, California, May 18-22, 2014.