Education Programs

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Education Programs

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    Technical Education Program

    Attendees have access to a world-class curriculum of education and training opportunities designed to advance their careers and expose them to the latest technologies and concepts. Learn More

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    IT Management Program

    IT managers to VPs benefit from a deep focus on the business of IT to help them unify business and technology architectures while providing value, growth, and productivity. Learn More

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    DevNet Program

    Developers gain access to the Cisco technologies and support resources that enable them to create business solutions that help transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Learn More

Technology Tracks

With Cisco Lives' Technology Tracks, you can find the specific breakout sessions on the technologies that fit your educational needs and interests. You have the flexibility to immerse yourself in a single topic or pick and choose sessions from multiple tracks, depending on your needs.

Not only do the technology tracks cover the education sessions, but will also guide you to interactive labs, 1:1 opportunities, product demos and casual roundtable conversations all around the key technology inside this track, helping you navigate the extensive event like an expert. Learn more

Training and Certification

We know that certifications can play a huge role in many of our attendees careers. Cisco Live provides multiple opportunities to take prep-classes, talk 1:1 with experts on questions you might have, and then take almost any certification exam throughout the entire conference. Learn more

Beyond the Classroom: Get Answers from Cisco Experts

There is so many ways to learn more about technology that you might find yourself making some tough decisions. Interactive labs is always a great opportunity to get hands-on with the technology and try it for yourself. 1:1 sessions with top engineers or product managers can give you time to ask any burning question you might have to some of the top experts in their fields. Finally demonstrations all provide you with the opportunity in small groups to sketch out networks, watch demonstrations or have conversations with both your peers and experts. Learn more