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Cisco Capital EasyLease

Cisco Capital EasyLease delivers easy financing for your technology solution

The Cisco Capital EasyLease program is designed to address budget constraints and allow you to focus on the technology you need, rather than being limited by what your budgets dictate. We offer straightforward, simple terms and competitive rates so you can deploy state-of-the-art solutions which help your business compete and grow.

With Cisco Capital EasyLease you can finance your entire IT solution, manage your cash flow with predictable low monthly payments, and take advantage of the latest technology available. Our flexible financing allows you to upgrade to newer technology as you need it, so you are always able to drive business results for your organisation.

Cisco Capital offers a wide array of financing options, with terms ranging from two to five years featuring:

  • A comprehensive solution for Cisco and non-Cisco equipment
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Simple documentation

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Benefits for Cisco customers

The Cisco Capital EasyLease program allows you to deploy the technology you need without the worry of budget constraints. Here are some additional benefits:

Cash flow management and predictability
Using the EasyLease program allows you to convert your upfront CapEx requirements into manageable monthly payments. You can improve liquidity, free-up cash for business growth, and aid your organisation's cash flow.

Effective use of your working capital
EasyLease lets you obtain new equipment regularly without tying up your working capital. This way you can acquire more new equipment than would be possible with full upfront payments, while still preserving your borrowing power and existing credit lines.

Choice of end-of-term options
With flexible options you can choose whether to buy your equipment, extend your lease (either with or without an upgrade) or return the equipment to us with no further obligation at the end of the term. It's entirely up to you.

Financing total solutions
Your technology solution requirements are likely to be varied, so EasyLease lets you take advantage of a financing program which covers your entire solution for Cisco and non-Cisco equipment including hardware, software and services.

Stay ahead of your competition
By maintaining a cutting edge network and upgrading to the latest technology whenever you need to, you'll be able to drive your business with a competitive edge. Cisco Capital EasyLease provides you with the flexibility that makes technology refresh a simple and cost effective process.

A better-looking balance sheet
Financing your network and IT solution improves key financial metrics such as your return on investment and total cost of deployment analysis. Payments for equipment financed under an operating lease can also be treated as operating expenses, and will not appear on your balance sheet. Lease payments are also usually tax-deductible.

Q: What is EasyLease?
A: EasyLease is a competitive financing program offered by Cisco Capital that provides straightforward and simple terms to finance your technology solutions.
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Q: Can I upgrade or expand my equipment during the lease term?
A: Yes, you can upgrade or add-on equipment during, or at the end of, the lease term. We will simply adjust either your payments, or the term of your agreement - whichever you prefer.
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Q: What are my end-of-term options?
A: When the terms of your operating leases expire, you can either:
· Extend the lease period with a lower monthly payment
· Upgrade or replace with new equipment
· Purchase the equipment at fair market value
· Return the equipment with no further payments required
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Q: Are my payments tax deductible?
A: You should check with your Accountant, but most payments under a lease plan are considered tax-deductible operating expenses.
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Q: Do I still have to pay my reseller for the IT solution I am purchasing?
A: No, once your chosen leasing plan is in place, we will pay your Reseller the full solution amount within 24 hours of receiving all your completed financing documents. From that point on, you pay Cisco Capital the agreed ongoing monthly payment.
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Q: Can I finance all my IT needs or just the Cisco portion?
A: Cisco Capital EasyLease is designed to support Cisco solutions, but your plan will cover your complete solution needs under a single payment stream - including non-Cisco equipment.
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Q: What happens if I damage the equipment?
A: Most equipment will initially be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Beyond that, you will be expected to keep the equipment in good working order, and will be responsible for repairs and maintenance.
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Q: How much does it cost?
A: The monthly repayment amount is based on the price of the solution purchased and the lease term chosen. A quote can be obtained from Cisco Capital or through your reseller.
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Q: Can I cancel or terminate my agreement early?
A: A lease agreement cannot be cancelled early, but you can terminate before the end of the term by paying the balance of the payments due. Special consideration can also be given in the event of an upgrade to a new Cisco solution.
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For any enquiries, please contact us and a Cisco Capital EasyLease representative will help you with any information you require.

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