The Web has emerged as one of the most powerful ways for businesses and consumers to communicate and learn. Its global reach, availability and speed have opened doors to areas of knowledge that, in the past, were obtainable only by a privileged few. Cisco CDNs take the Internet to the next generation by allowing all organizations to maximize the impact of communicating via the Web by overcoming the modern day bandwidth issues of delivering rich-media to the desktop. Cisco CDN guarantees that quality video, rich audio, and large graphics and other high bandwidth files can be delivered with speed, accuracy and consistency, dramatically increasing the impact of your communications programs. Customers see an immediate improvement in the performance, reliability and quality of a web site.

Learn more about the 5 CDN components and products, and how you can propel your business by leveraging the capabilities of the Internet by embracing Cisco Content Delivery Networks:

Content Distribution & Management
Automatically delivers content to servers on the edge of the network providing transparent on-demand caching to accelerate Web content and save bandwidth.

Content Routing
Redirects the user to the best site on the global network based on a set of metrics such as delay, topology, server load, and a set of policies such as location of content.

Content Switching
Intelligently load balances traffic across servers in a data center based on content, content availability, and load.

Content Edge Delivery
Controls the configuration of the content server on the edge of the network and manages the distribution of the content to the remote servers.

Intelligent Network Services
Intelligent Network Services in the IP infrastructure such as security, quality of service (QoS), virtual private networks (VPNs), and multicast, all of which are required to build reliable and scalable CDNs.

  • NBAR on the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3600 Series - NBAR provides intelligent network classification for your infrastructure to enable e-commerce, supply chain management, and workforce optimization.


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Product Bulletins

  • Cisco LocalDirector Product Bulletin v 3.3 Software
    The Cisco LocalDirector v 3.3 Software product bulletin provides an overview of the feature set for Cisco LocalDirector Version 3.3 software which is backward-compatible with all Cisco LocalDirector hardware.


  • Content Networking for Retailers
    This presentation for Retail enterprise customers explains how Contetn Networking can help reatil customers achive: Increased Customer Loyalty, Reduced Costs, Improving Revenues.

  • Content Networking for Financial Services
    This presentation is for Financial Services customers to demonstrate how content networking can improve the reliability, scalability, and security of applications and services across private and public networks.

  • QoS for Application Enabled Networking
    Presentation on QoS Mechanisms for Application Enabled Networking

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  • Business Models for Hosting and Content
    Business Case. Defines hosting services accelerated by Cisco Content Networking and content delivery network technologies. Includes market research and a return-on-investment (ROI) example.


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