Software Center Charter

About the Software Center

The CCO Software Center is the main reason why Cisco customers and prospective customers use Cisco Connection Online - to obtain upgrades and learn more about Cisco's broad and growing range of software products. This wide range now spans from Cisco IOS software for use on our routers, switches and gateway platforms, to network management and security applications for workstation servers, to internetworking protocol suites for host systems.

Over the years, the Software Center has grown from a simple FTP service for delivering software fixes to customers, to a full-service one-stop-shopping location for all phases of Cisco software product lifestyles.

Our focus remains on delivering major upgrades and maintenance releases of Cisco software products, to fulfill the value of your investment in Cisco or Cisco Partner software service agreements. We also offer selected demo and beta distributions for our latest products, so you can try before you buy, or test before you invest. CCO Marketplace, through the Internetworking Products Center, even allows you to purchase software products over the Internet. Currently, you can purchase IPeXchange through it's separate store, or you can purchase any Cisco software product through the Internetworking Products Center (IPC), which fulfills delivery through traditional, physically-shipped products.

This represents a revolution in the way Cisco, our customers, and partners do business: completing the full customer cycle of pre-sales evaluation, point-of-sales purchase, and post-sales support for software products all through the use of advanced Internet-based services.

Cisco is also unique in the industry in offering the best supporting software information in the form of Software Upgrade Planners. These collect and present product literature, release information, documentation and release notes, plus known defect information from our Bug Toolkit in a single comprehensive view. Our Software Checklists also ensure the current availability and compatibility of Cisco software products for your internetworking platforms. We offer these services to ensure you get all of the information necessary to determine the features and benefits, and also allow you to weigh these against known caveats and downside risks, to provide you everything you need to successfully implement Cisco software products within your internetwork.

We also offer custom-file-access postings of various software to allow Cisco service representatives to grant you access to software not generally or publically available on CCO (such as critical, customized defect fixes). So if there's something you need, and you don't see it online, please let your Cisco support representative know. They may be able to get it to you through our Special File Posting service. As a case in point, most of our beta programs are hidden in this manner, to ensure access control of Cisco's pre-released products only to authorized beta site customers.

Our dedication to you is to ensure the industry's highest overall software product quality, including the industry's best and most customer-focused software delivery systems for on-time and on-line availability.

Using the Software Center