Developer Support Central

Support Information

Support is provided DURING STANDARD BUSINESS HOURS in the time zone where the support engineers are located for both pre-released and released product interfaces. The Developer Support Engineers are an extension of the Product Engineering teams of the technologies they support - they have direct access to resources necessary to provide you expert support in a timely manner.

Time to resolve problems are dependent on the nature of each Case, however Cisco will provide an initial response time for new Cases per the priorities listed below.

PRIORITY INITIAL RESPONSE TIME     (in standard business hours)
P1 4 business hours
P2 8 business hours
P3 12 business hours
P4 16 business hours

In order to provide a consistent level of support that reflects the nature of support at the interface level, we have created the following priority definitions. They should be used to appropriately set the priority when you open a Support Case.

Priority 1: Critical issue with severe impact to Company's business operation. Company business operations are proceeding by production and/or profitability will be severely affected within several days

Priority 2: Time sensitive issue with negative impact to Company's business operation.Significant aspects of Company business are still proceeding but issue may affect long-term productivity. A major feature is operational but unstable or unreliable. Development can be continued.

Priority 3: An issue with insignificant impact to Company's business operation. Most operations remain functional with little impact over time. A major feature requires enhancements or fixes that are targeted for updates but do not result in loss of functionality.

Priority 4: Information or assistance is required on Supported Developer Product capabilities or documentation. There is clearly little or no impact to the Company's operations. Issue requires not further action beyond possibly follow up.