Cisco Signaling Controllers

Cisco Acces Gateways AT2, AT4, AT8, AS2, AS4,& AS8 End of Life

Product Bulletin, No. 1571

Cisco Access Gateways


End of Life Announcement.


This Product Bulletin serves as the official notification that the following Cisco products will reach their End of Sale and End of Life milestones on the dates in the table listed below.

  • Cisco Access Gateway AT2

  • Cisco Access Gateway AT4

  • Cisco Access Gateway AT8

  • Cisco Access Gateway AS2

  • Cisco Access Gateway AS4

  • Cisco Access Gateway AS8

These products will reach their end of life without replacement systems. If customers are interested in analog gateway products, Cisco offers the VG200, VG248, and Catalyst 6000 WS-X6624-FXS as alternates.

The products will reach their end of life milestones as follows:

Major Milestones Effective Dates Description
End of Sales Announcement - Issue Product Bulletin

October 29, 2001

Issue product bulletin, orders accepted up to end of sale.

End of Sales - Turn off orderability and pricing

October 29, 2001

Orders will no longer be accepted for parts. Shipments will continue for existing orders until they are filled.

End of Life (Production) Ensure backlog and service spares are produced.

October 29, 2001

Manufacturing production discontinued. The product is no longer in production. Replacements for repair and return will still be available.

End of Support Announcement

October 29, 2006

Cisco will no longer support this product. Replacements for return and repair will no longer be available.