Additional Configuration Options


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Additional Configuration Options

Additional Configuration Options

This part of the software configuration guide describes additional configuration options and troubleshooting tips for the Cisco 850 series routers (Cisco 851 and Cisco 857) and Cisco 870 series routers (Cisco 871, Cisco 876, Cisco 877, and Cisco 878).

The configuration options described in this part include:

Chapter 12 "Configuring Security Features"

Chapter 13 "Configuring Dial Backup and Remote Management"

Chapter 14 "Troubleshooting"

The descriptions contained in these chapters do not describe all of your configuration or troubleshooting needs. See the appropriate Cisco IOS configuration guides and command references for additional details.

Note To verify that a specific feature is compatible with your router, you can use the Software Advisor tool. You can access this tool at > Technical Support & Documentation > Tools & Resources with your Cisco username and password.