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Intern/Co-op Program

Cisco Systems has ongoing opportunities for both intern and co-op students who wish to gain valuable work experience while continuing their education. Co-op and intern students are given the opportunity to work on interesting projects that are of real value to the company. You will work side-by-side with some of the finest networking employees the industry has to offer, while getting the chance to test out your current learning and career direction.

As an intern at Cisco, you will be involved in the career-related work assignment supervised by a professional with expertise in your career interest. An intern can either be a part-time or full-time position that can occur at any time during the calendar year. An Internship can range from 3-6 months in duration from which a student may or my not receive college credits (depending on your university's guidelines).

A Co-op student is also involved in a career-related work assignment but usually receives college credits through the university's formal Co-op program. Co-ops are usually six months in duration or 2 consecutive summers(depending upon the university's guidelines). In order to receive college credits, students must be registered and work with their university Co-op education office. Cisco is not responsible for offering or granting college credits to any students.

Intern and Co-op students are paid assignments at Cisco. In addition, students accrue paid time off and receive company paid holidays. However, they are not eligible for other company sponsored benefits.

Co-op/intern opportunities are available in the San Jose, California, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina locations, and are ongoing in:

  • Engineering
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Information Systems
  • Finance & Administration
  • Manufacturing

Hear it from our internsÖ

"I enjoyed working with the engineers most. There is no better feeling than writing a testing script that does comprehensive checking and finding a bug that may have slipped past into integration/dev test."
"People at Cisco have a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethicÖthe only bad thing about working with so many smart people is that there is never enough time to get as much information as you can get from them."
Ashwinder Ahluwalia, MIT

"I enjoyed the whole thing. The technical nature of the work; successful completion of the tests and the results obtained; the learning experience. And letís not forget the Star Wars movie and product celebrations."
"The work culture is great. Great assignments. Flexible hours. Informal and friendly atmosphere. And to top it off, the HR support to deal with small issues is very fast and effective."
Tushar Acharya, Texas A &M

"Cisco is a good organization, managers are very accessible, everyone seems to love what they do and also work very hard to accomplish goals."
Gbemi Munis, Hampton University

"People were very helpful about showing me what I needed to do and explaining this to me throughout the entire process. The learning experience and the understanding it brought was one of the most beneficial things to come out of the internship."
"My manager did an excellent job in dealing with me. She always treated me with respect."
"Working in a "real" job and seeing what goes on at a company as big as Cisco. This gave me great insight into the world Iíll be entering soon after graduation."
Kevin Serveau, UC Santa Cruz

"I felt very comfortable with the people I was in contact with. I was pleased that they treated me as a peer and didnít talk down to me just because Iím an intern."
"Working on developing the new Cisco E-learning site was one of my most memorable experiences here because I was able to work in a team atmosphere, with people that were extremely enthusiastic about the project."
Chistopher Eugene Hamilton, University of Notre Dame

"The team welcomed me immediately into their team and helped me get up to speed. The Market Research team is tremendous."
"David, was not only a manager, but a mentor during the summer. I learned a great deal working for him."
"The speed in which projects are completed and decisions are made. I really enjoyed the overall pace at Cisco. People are so responsive and dedicated."
"I am the new Cisco Evangelist in the MBA program at USC!"
Tim Wan, USC

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